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Welcome to our new Mellster alshehhi_ad who just joined the Melltoo community since few days ago. alshehhi_ad is selling Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Gold for 1199 AED. Let’s Zoom in on this item.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Gold
AED 1199
Posted on February 7, 2015 available

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the phone in very good condition with one small scratch without any problem used for 4 month withou box


Type of item: Phones/ Smartphones
Category: Mobile/Smartphones
Seller name: alshehhi_ad
Item Name : Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Gold
Color : Gold
Price : AED 1199

Samsung Galaxy S5’s reviews

1) Review Big Dog 10 May 2014 from gadgets.ndtv.com

Samsung swings and gets a triple with the Galaxy S5. The camera is fantastic, taking high quality pictures that rival average consumer digital cameras on the market. I find the interface to be easily navigated and intuitive. If you’ve used android before then you shouldn’t have a problem using the S5. The phone itself is slightly bigger than the S4, something I’m not too happy about. I would’ve preferred a phone of the same size or smaller but it’s a minor complaint. The plastic shell which houses the phone also feels somewhat cheap but most mass produced phones are made from the same material so it’s really a complaint of the manufacturers which produce the phones rather than the phones itself. I was able to protect my phone and make it look nicer by using a leather case I found at LeatherPhone.com All in all i recommend the S5 if you’re in the market for a new smartphone.

2) Review by Brian February 5 2015 from Trustedreviews.com

The camera is brilliant. Phone, I think looks great. Screen has a great picture quality very good for watching hd films. Love this phone. Loads apps quickly and as of yet not had any problems running them. I live out in the sticks and still gets brilliant signal. The finger print scanner takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it its good

3) Review by Dragos Dragoi November 7 2014 from Gadgets.ndtv.com

Hello, About the Samsung Galaxy S5 I can say that is a good phone and in comparison with iphone it is almost like iphone 5S from the performance point of view .It offers good internet experience but it’s biggest problem from my experience is the battery , after a short time will die .I got a cheap battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 from Cellz.com ,a mobile accessories website and now I got no more worries.

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