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Today our focus is on Tabishburney, our new Mellster from Dubai. He joined the Melltoo Community since 2 weeks ago. Let’s Zoom in on Tabishburney’s item. He is selling a Saab 9-7x (for 35,000 AED). Check it out!

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Saab 9-7x
35 000 AED
Posted on january 27, 2015 available

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Product's profile - Saab 97 by Tabishburney

family car use by my wife Saab 97x


Type of item: Car
Category: Autos/Cars
Seller name: Tabishburney
Item Name : Saab 97x
Price : AED 35,000

Saab 97x’s reviews

1) Review by dukeu on 05/22/10 from Edmunds.com

This SUV is fun to drive and the price for a used one is incredibly low. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that wants luxury, and all the equipment. Everyone compliments the exterior design and appearance. And those who ride in it want to know where to buy one.

Favorite Features

Outstanding cargo space without making the SUV too large to handle well. The Bose sound system with in dash 6 disk player is wonderful.

2) Review by Thomas Coffeepa on 02/13/10 from Edmunds.com

Great SUV. Performance and handling are like no other SUV I have driven. We test drove both the 6 and 8 cylinder, and opted for the 8. Fuel economy was not much different between 6 or 8 so we went for the power. Wise choice. The V-8 power together with all wheel drive is fantastic.

Favorite Features

Love the power.

3) Review by just right on 04/11/09 from Edmunds.com

Due to the incentives and rebates I was able to purchase a 9-7X brand new for 25,000. For the price this is an outstanding value for this vehicle considering it comes with a 50,000 mile warranty. Comfortable, fun to drive and the interior is better than the other SUV’s I tested costing much more. The six cylinder has ample power and it handles the road better than the 4-Runner I owned. I know people like to point out that this is not a “true” SAAB. However, this is not a a typical GM offering either. For the price I did not find a better mid-sized SUV.

Favorite Features

Interior and the comfortable, quiet ride. Excellent Bose sound system and heated seats.

Saab 9-7x (2009 model)

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1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for the username “Tabishburney” from your activity feed
3. Chat with Tabishburney through instant message



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