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ZOOM In on Afaq Soomro one of our most active Mellster in Dubai. Afaq has many things for sale on the app. Let’s Zoom on Afaq’s listing with a special focus on the PSP 3G/Wifi ( on sale for 599 AED ).


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Listing on Melltoo:

– Sharp 3D Blu-ray DVD
650 AED
Posted on January 9, 2015 available
– Kia Rio (New Shape)
36000 AED
Posted on january 7, 2015 available
750 AED
Posted on janvier 5, 2015 available
– Honda Accord Exi
66000 AED
Posted on janvier 4, 2015 available
– PSP Game (Dead To Rights Reckoning)
100 AED
Posted on janvier 2, 2015 available
– PSP 3G/Wifi + BLAZE Speakers
599 AED
Posted on December 29, 2014 available
– Leather Sofia (3-seater)
1599 AED
Posted on december 22, 2014 available
– Accord 2012 EXi (GCC)
66000 AED
Posted on december 22, 2014 available

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PSP Slim, 3G/Wifi , Metallic Sliver Color, Software Version 6.60. (BLAZE) MAtte Black Hard Shell Case…


Type of item: Video game
Name: PSP Slim, 3G/Wifi , Metallic Sliver
Color: Metallic Sliver
Screen size: 5 inches
3G: Yes
PSP Slim’s Reviews:

1) By timchoi89 from Engadget.com

I’ve had the PSP since it first came out (PSP-1000 back then) and I loved it because of the amount of great RPGs it had! Also, the fact that the PSP can do so much more apart from playing games is really great! I watched movies, listened to music/podcasts, browsed the web, took photos, and even read manga on it! If you’re looking for a multimedia gaming machine that can give console quality gaming, look not further than the PSP.

2) By manas2806 from Engadget.com

The Sony PSP 2000. Its been 5 years since I owned one. Its the best handheld gaming console(even better than PS2) that you can buy. Yes the PS Vita is there,but you cannot buy itas it has a hefty price tag and a small collection. The PSP is an all-in-one with a good media player,good gaming,not-so good but helpful browsing,wireless multiplayer with WiFi,a decent screen. It sometimes troubles the user with the less amount of video formats and resolutions it can play. Also,its low resolution 480X272 can trouble some. Its gaming power is very good and some favourites like God Of War do very good. Its a good console at a very good price. The games are also no-so-costly.I don’t recommend hacking. A screen guard and a good case can make it well protected and safe. Portability is a big advantage.

Final verdict-A good console with every thing of one’s need,only a bump in resolution and more variety of formats would make it a 10/10 console.
Product Spotlight: Sony PSP Slim:

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1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for the username “Afaq Soomro” on your activity feed
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