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Today our focus is on Charles Rollon, a Mellster who is selling Laptop for 1800 AED. Buy the HP Pavilion G6 from Charles and get a free HP Printer/Scanner.

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– HP G6 Pavillon 17 + Free Hp Printer/Scanner
1800 AED
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Product's profile on the Melltoo app - Charle Rollon

Description by the seller:

i7 Intel Core, 8GB Ram, 500 GB Memory, Great Altec Speakers, 3 USB Drive, HDMI port, FREE HP Printer/Scanner. No Warranty.

Type of item: Laptop
Name: HP Pavillon g6
Manufacturer: HP
Number of Cores: Dual-Core
RAM 4 GB: ( 1 x 4 GB )
Hp G6 Pavillon’s Reviews:

1) By Joseph Sullivan from Amazon

I had an hp pavilion from 2007 and decided to stay with the line because of the four good years I got out of that hp computer. I purchased this pavilion because it was(at the time) under 400 dollars. Windows 8 takes some getting used to, but I haven’t experienced many frustrations once I downloaded chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer did have some strange issues and once in a while took some time to open(which I think is a windows 8 issue) so I downloaded chrome, adobe flash, open office and have been using my new computer mostly hassle free.

I would recommend this computer to anyone who is going on the internet, word processing, streaming videos, and saving pictures and movies. I don’t know if it’s good for gaming or putting together videos. I wouldn’t pay the $450 or whatever price it is now for this computer due to some of the hardware limitations.

2) By <<<---<<(AZ)>>—from Amazon

This is a great laptop for the price. HDMI, full keyboard, it’s quad core not dual core like tech specs says, memory expandable, screen bright and clear and the GPU works great on low and mid level gaming like Sim3 or Age of Empires 3, and the battery have a nice performance.

I actually use it for some CAD design in Rhinoceros and im quite impressed how well Rhinoceros run in this machine. Im very satisfied with this laptop specially because was only 430$ (bought it on bestbuy) and Rhinoceros runs Great!

I have no CONS at all with this laptop, maybe its just annoying that some flash sites (youtube included) get laggy, but like always you get what u pay for, and for the price i think you get more in this case.
So to finish this review. If your budget for a laptop is BELOW the 500$ you can go with this for sure.

HP Pavillon’s video review :

Contact the seller on the Melltoo app - Charle RollonHow to contact Charles Rollon?:

1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for th usernam “Charles Rollon” from your activity feed
3. Chat with Charles Rollon through instant message

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