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Today our focus is on Ema77, a new Mellster from Al-Ain who has 2 cars for sale on her listing. Let’s Zoom in on the Golf Gti Turbo she just added 2 days ago (on sale for 69000 AED). Check it out!

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– GTI 2011 Turbo, Like New
69000 AED
Posted on february 1st, 2015 available
– Mazda 3 2012 Lady Used
38000 AED
Posted on january 20, 2015 available

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GTI 2011 Turbo on sale for 69000 AED

Type of item: Car
Category: Auto/Car
Seller name: Ema77
Item Name : Gti 2011 Turbo, Like new
Price : AED 69000

Research results: Golf Gti Turbo’s review

1) By TonyFlow December 01, 2014 from kbb.com

Get Driving Experience

 Pros: “exellent handling, fun to drive, power”

Cons: “requires premium fuel,easily scratchs door panel”

“We purchase our 2012 GTI in Savannah, Georgia. over two years ago and we love how it rides. The handling feels firm and solid on the road. My wife drove it from Georgia to Texas and she loved how it drove on the highway. The sound system sounds excellent and the Bluetooth works well with my Phone. I would definitely buy another GTI and highly recommend it. Inexpensive to maintain, we had it serviced at a VW dealership and on average the price has been reasonable to maintain.”

2) By Love My GTI February 4, 2014 from cars.com

Fun, Fast and Reliable

I had a 2002 Mini Cooper S that was sadly on its way out. I wanted something just was sporty to drive, handled well but was more reliable and would last forever. I did a lot of research and got several recommendations to look at Volkswagen. The GTI fit my bill for a sporty, powerful and reliable. Good gas mileage if you don’t step on it all the time. Lots of space and trunk space. And contrary to some reviews that say there is a lack of storage spots, there is plenty of storage spots and drink holders. Love this car!

3) By First-time car buyer from September 18, 2013 from cars.com

Rocket Ship…With STYLE

What a car, what a car! I test drove a Jetta before test driving the GTI. The switch from one to the other, I imagine is not unlike a pilot going from a cute twin propellor plane to a fighter jet. The GTI has got the ‘juice’ I was looking for! And if that wasn’t enough, the car is absolutely gorgeous. The compliments won’t stop coming and many of them are from complete strangers. Immediate reactions when showing friends the new vehicle ranged from, ‘So Sexy!’ to ‘Oh my god I’m so jealous’. It was a long time coming, but I’m thrilled with my choice. I purchased the manual transmission and it is a dream to shift in this car. Handles very smooth. Computer on board for all your music needs. Great little sunroof too, for those great spring and summer days out on the highway. If you’re looking for a great little city car, with style, power and great handling, look no further. The VW GTI is in a class of it’s own.

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