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Today our focus is on Yang707 a new Mellster who’s selling baby items on the app. She has also a lot of baby stuff that she is giving away. Let’s make a Zoom In on her baby walker (on sale for 350 AED with a Baby Rocker and a stroller)


Seller's profile on the Melltoo app - Yang707 Baby Walker
Listing on Melltoo:
– Baby Walker, Rocker And Graco Stroller
350 AED
Posted on january 10, 2015 available
– Toyota Camry Se+ 2012 Pearl White
60000 AED
Posted on january 10, 2015 available
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Product's profile on the Melltoo app - Yang707 Baby Walker

Description by the seller:

All are in excellent condition. Price is very cheap already. Everthing just needs to go. I will give extra baby stuffs too, like pink winnie the pooh bath tub and some newborn clothes. Walker is from juniors; rocker from baby shop/brightstars; grace stroller hurry…


Type of item: Baby items
Name: Baby walker, Rocker and Graco Stroller
Number of items: 3
Age: From 4 months and up
price: 350 AED
Will baby walkers and jumpers help my baby learn to walk?:

1) By Sarah Kakeeway from drgreene.com

My son used a walker from 6 months until he was about 9 or 10 months and then he started walking. He was walking from an early age…so I don’t understand how his development was inhibited by the walker whatsoever. As far as I can tell around other children his age, he has better motor skills than most of them, He walks, runs and dances when a lot of the other children are just learning to walk and are still quite unstable on their feet. I’m not saying this was because of the walker at all, but saying that walkers interfere with walking is extremely biased, and not true in 100% of cases…where are the studies that show the correlation between using walkers and age at which a child begins walking and how it negatively affects the child’s development? We’re just supposed to believe you because you’re a doctor? Also, my son’s walker never once tipped over and was extremely stable in design, we never once let him out of our sight when we used it, and he was never harmed in the slightest.

2) By Nanti from babycenter.com

Its interesting how expert advice varies depending on the country. I’m European and in my country all pediatritians and physiotherapists agree, that the best way to help a baby learn to walk is to let him do it on his own. They generally even discourage helping by holding the baby’s arms and walking behind them because it messes up their center of gravity. After all, the child will not walk with his arms above his head when he does it on his own. Kids who learn to walk in this way apparently tend to walk on their tip toes a lot. Exersaucers, door jumpers and the like are also seriously disscouraged because they are rarely adjusted for each individual child. It is important that the child’s feet are flat on the ground in these devices, so that the baby can feel his or her whole foot. But few parents know this and so never notice. Although all babies eventually learn how to walk (despite their parents) I think that letting them figure it out on their own will bring the best results

3) By gatormic from babycenter.com

Every child is different. Just like everything else, if it’s used safely and in moderation, it probably will not effect a child’s walking. My son loved to bounce, so we got him a jumperoo at 4 months and he loved it. When he started crawling, he had no interest in it. He was introduced to a walker at four and a half months and by 6 months, he was using it for a little while each day. It actually took away a lot of his frustration because he had more independence. I think it helped him walk because when he wasn’t in it, he wanted to get to places faster. Now he’s walking at nine and a half months. It didn’t slow him down at all.

How To Assemble Chicco Band Baby Walker – Step by Step Video

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How to contact Yang707?:

1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for the username ” Yang707 ” from your activity feed
3. Chat with Yang707 through instant message

Zoom In On The melltoo App - Baby Walker