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Today our ZOOM is on Bag a Boo, our new Mellster who is selling pre-loved AUTHENTIC items in Dubai. Let’s make a Zoom on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag available on the Bag a Boo’s listing.


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– Authentic pre-loved Louis Vuitton Neverfull
2600 AED
Posted on december 16, 2014 (available)
– Authentic pre-loved Burberry Short Wallet
350 AED
Posted on december 16, 2014 (available)

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*comes with Original box & Dust bag #bagaboo #bagaboouae #LV #LouisVuitton #affordableluxury


Brand: Louis Vuitton
Style: Totes & Shoppers
Material: Leather
Color: Damier Azur
Bag Height: 13.0″(33cm)
Bag Depth: 7.9″(20cm)
Width (Top): 22.0″(56cm)
Pocket: 1 outside
State: Second hand
Size: not available
Country of Manufacture: France

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Reviews:

CynDwyer, July12, 2014
The GM is huge, and I find that I tend to over-stuff it. The bag is definitely sturdy and holds a lot. So much so that if you over-stuff it like mine, eventually your back will hurt. When I’m heading home from work and want to stop in a store or go shopping in the mall, even though it’s so heavy I’m reluctant to leave it in the car on the floor…

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LT, March 4, 2013
Yes, agree – am a fan of the Neverfull – they are the most versatile of the tote bags, and ideal for everyday work bag and travelling hand carry luggage. I hate zips in bags – so my Neverfulls are suited to my lifestyle weekdays and weekends!

wild eyes, May 25, 2013
I just bought the same and love it! Its versatile, practical, holds all my stuff adn even though i love the idea of a gm and was in the ny store for hours contemplating the bags, i finally decided gm was tooo big.

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