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ZOOM In on a 2005 Nissan Murano (on sale for 25000 AED) posted by Elhadj one of our Mellsters from Dubai.


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– Nissan Murano 2005
Posted on january 21, 2015 available

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GCC specs, 13000 Km


Type of item: Car
Make: Nissan
Model: Murano
Kms: 13000
year: 2005
Price: 25000 AED
Seller name: Elhadj

2005 Nissan Murano’s reviews and advices:

1) By tychux72 on 10/26/14 10:21 AM (PDT) from edmunds.com

2005 Nissan Murano SL Fwd 4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl CVT)

I have owned my ’05 SL 2WD since it arrived off the boat October 2005. It currently has 132,000 miles. I have NEVER kept a vehicle over 75,000 miles before. I drive 65 miles R/T 4-5 days a week through the Arizona desert and farmlands at 45-70 MPH, mostly using cruise control. In the summer I average 21.5 mpg or around 420 mpt. In the fall-spring without A/C I average 23.6 or 475 mpt. The most was a confirmed 525 mpt one winter. My local dealership has done all recall work as well as routine maintenance. All in all, it has been a great family ride and has never left us stranded. Unlike many Ford or Chryslers I have owned. Sure it has its known problems and this one is no different.

Favorite Features

The style grew on me. CVT is smooth. I like the drivers position, reclining rear seat for the kids and there is plenty of room for gear in the back. Our Mo came from the factory with HID headlights, heated leather seats, moonroof, navi, Sirius, rear roof mounted entertainment with headphones and remote, backup camera and a solid BOSE sound system. I think it was called a “Versant” package. I have spent little on maintenance. My hoses and belts are changed every 50,000 miles. My battery only lasts 2-3 years on the AZ desert heat. My front brakes lasted 60,000 miles and replaced again at 110, 000 miles. Rear brakes and shocks were shot at 75,000 miles.

Suggested Improvements

Yes I have had issues with the visors falling into our view- nothing a 25 cent mini bungee cord couldn’t fix. Yes I had the black painted trim fade out-nothing $100 at the body shop couldn’t fix. Yes I had the driver seat “break” while driving-nothing a $50 bill and a tack-weld couldn’t fix. Yes I had the throttle body intake come loose under acceleration one day-yes that was scary, but I reconnected, retightened and drove away. That issue was resolved during a visit to the dealer later that week who fixed it before the recall went public. I do wish that Nissan would acknowledge the issue with the visors and seat. $200+ for replacement visors and $1000+ for a new seat is extreme.

2) By imeccentric on 08/16/13 09:55 AM (PDT) from edmunds.com

Not a well built vehicle. Safety issues that are well known and common with this vehicle. Electric door locks do not work (wouldn’t open if in an accident and you had a child by one of those doors). Sun visors won’t stay up and keep falling down. That is another safety issue that is well documented. They are also well know for cheap paint that peels after a few years (we have had to have our hood repainted and it sets in a garage when not used). Most of the plastic shields that guard the fender wells, and parts underneath have fallen off or had to be tied up. 4 expensive sensors have had to be replaced. On the up side, we haven’t had any drive train trouble as of yet.

Favorite Features

Comfort, design, drivability.

Suggested Improvements

Fix the safety problems, sun visors and door locks. Better paint and better fasteners for the plastic shields underneath.

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