Why Sell furniture on Melltoo?

Who loves the hassle of selling their used furniture?

No one! No one loves strangers visiting their houses to check the furniture they want to sell then haggling over the price of the furniture in their living room. , No one wants to post their used furniture on social groups and get a bunch of queries (including from their mother and second cousin about why they’re selling their furniture) and have even more strangers come to their home.

In case you want to sell your new or used furniture, whether you’re moving to a new place or refreshing your living room in preparation for Ramadan, Melltoooffers you a safe, secure, and trustworthy community to offer your furniture and reach thousands of buyers who want what you have.

Here are even more reasons to sell on Melltoo:

  1. Sell faster

All you have to do is list your furniture on the Melltoo marketplace to reach thousands of buyers in KSA. Then after the buyer completes checkout, we take care of the rest for you.

  1. No Meetups

Melltoo is the No-meetup classifieds. This means that we pick up the furniture from your doorstep and deliver it to the buyer. The buyers will not bother you by visiting your home to check the furniture.

  1. Get an extra 20% IKEA-cash

When you sell any furniture on Melltoo, you will receive an IKEA cash voucher to spend at IKEA stores in Saudi Arabia. The voucher is equivalent to 20% of the price you sell your furniture for.

  1. Sell securely

Melltoo is a 100% secure marketplace. We protect you from frauds and scams while dealing with buyers.

  1. Communicate securely

You only deal with buyers through a secure in-app chat. We don’t share any personal information about you with the buyer. Buyers can also like or comment on your listings in-app for more details.

  1. Easier Payment

We make sure payment is transferred to your bank account so you don’t have to chase the buyer for it. The money transfer takes 2-5 working days and Voila!

  1. Customer Support has your back

Our customer support team is here for you and is fully committed when you need any help.

So, if you have used furniture you want to sell, download the Melltoo application here and start selling.