Why is my account blocked?

Your account is blocked when you violate Melltoo’s terms of use and policies

Most common reasons for an account being blocked:

  1. General abuse of community rules (disrespectful behavior, harassment of other members, obscenity)
  2. Fraudulent activity (prohibited transfer of balances between accounts, buying and selling among linked accounts with the purposes of “cashing out” free credit)
  3. General abuse of returns/cancellations (more than 3 combined)
  4. Repeated violation of item post image policy: read more
  5. Credit card fraud (this will be reported to local authorities without prior notice, all relevant account information including names, emails, mobile numbers, and addressed will be shared with local authorities)

If your account has been blocked, we will continue to honor your pending transactions except if you had committed a fraudulent activity (type 2 or 5).

Once your account is blocked, free/referral credit is revoked and cannot be returned back.

A thorough audit of your transactions will be performed and any available cash balances will be paid out within 180 days, except in the cases where transactions fall under type 2 or 5 listed above. 

If your account is blocked, you will receive an email indicating the reasons for the decision. You may contest the decision at this time.

Published by

Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.