My listing does not appear on the app?

We may remove listings for different reasons.


We introduced moderation in the beginning of 2017 which means every new listing is subject to moderation guidelines before appearing in the feed. Please take time to read more about the moderation process.

Image policy

Listings are removed if they do not adhere to our image policy

In some cases, we may even resort to blocking an account or removing multiple listings if the user continues to violate our policy despite previous warning.

Business Selling

Melltoo is a marketplace for second hand and unique new items. We are NOT a marketplace for business sellers to list items specifically purchased for resale. You are considered a business seller if you have an inventory of new items for sale

We reserve the right to remove the listings of business sellers without notice. In cases where a user persists in business selling, we may revoke the user’s right to continue listing items or suspend the account permanently.

Temporarily banned items 

Melltoo is a marketplace of buyers and sellers who shares a primary and important value – trust. We are very responsive to our community’s demands especially when flagging certain items listed in the application. Items may be flagged due to excessive numbers of returns, questionable item authenticity or suspected use in fraudulent transactions, among other reasons

Prohibited Items

Melltoo prohibits the listing of all types of services in the app as well as “items” that cannot be shipped via Melltoo Pay & Ship. Melltoo also prohibits the sale of the following:

  • Living animals
  • Food and beverage
  • Medication and tablets
  • Flammables
  • Fake skincare and cosmetics
  • Fire arms and ammunition
  • Gold coins and nuggets
  • Cigarettes and smoking equipments
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Pornographic materials

Important: Melltoo listens to all members of our community wether buyers or sellers. Therefore, if you believe your listing was wrongly deleted, please feel free to contact Melltoo customer support (in-app chat) to request the reason of removal.

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