What Should I Put in My Product Description?

Writing a good description for your Melltoo post is very important, because it will help you sell your item faster. The better your description is, the easier it will be for a potential buyer to find your item. Here are a couple of things that you should try to include in every post: 


1) Accurate Information

When you’re entering the details for a post on Melltoo, make sure that the spelling of the model and/or brand of the item is correct, so people can find it easily. Don’t miss out on a sale, because of a simple spelling error. Many people are looking for a cheaper iPhone, which they won’t find if it’s spelled ifone!

2) Condition

Always make sure to tell your potential buyers if your item is new or used. If your item is used, be honest about it’s condition when you write your description.

Condition of item

Extra Tip: You can use words like almost new, in good condition or very well used to describe the used items you’re posting on Melltoo.

3) Origin

If you’re selling something at a high price, because you bought or imported it from somewhere exotic or far away, make sure to mention that in your description, so potential buyers know why it is expensive.   

4) Original Price

The best way to show a buyer what a great deal they’re getting is by telling them the original price, especially if you know that they’re getting an unbeatable discount!

great price deal 1

Extra tip: If you really want to WOW your buyer, do the math for them! If you’re selling a Michael Kors bag for 2500AED that you originally bought for 5000AED, tell your buyers that they’re getting a 50% discount in your description!

5) Flaws/Irregularities

As a seller, you’re probably afraid to mention that there is something wrong with your item, but most buyers don’t mind buying something with a minor flaw at a discount, as long as you’re honest about it. Always be honest about irregularities in your descriptions by stating EXACTLY what they are.

6) Length of Ownership (Cars)

How long you have owned a used item can be very important to know, especially when you’re dealing with cars. If you’re selling a car on Melltoo, make sure to mention the model, year, kilometers traveled, how long you have owned it and if it’s had previous owners in your description.

7) Materials Used (M-Boutique)

If you’re a crafter and you have an M-boutique on Melltoo, try to post very specific descriptions of the techniques, materials and colors used to make your beautiful creations, so you can really impress your potential buyers.

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What Should I Put in My Product Description?
If you're making a Melltoo post and you're not sure what to write in the description, follow this simple guide and learn how you can write a great description today!

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