What if I don’t want to sell my item anymore?

Before listing an item for sale on Melltoo, you should always be sure that you want to sell it, because your uncertainty could become a great source of inconvenience for you and your buyer. Bear in mind that when you accept an order from a buyer, that you are both obliged to uphold your part of the deal, so the transaction can be completed quickly and effectively.

Expectation of the Seller

  • To set a reasonable price for an item.
  • To be honest about the condition of an item being sold
  • To have the item that is being advertised for sale
  • To accept a buyer’s order in a timely manner


Expectation of the Buyer

  • To ask for a reasonable discount from a seller.
  • To pay the correct amount to a seller.
  • To pay the seller in a timely manner.
  • To be honest about the condition an item is received in.

Important Note: Please be aware that any order cancellation initiated on Melltoo, by the buyer or the seller,  counts as a strike against and three strikes could lead to the suspension of  a user’s Melltoo account. Aside from being an inconvenience for everyone involved, cancelling an order could have a negative impact on your selling reputation in the Melltoo community.  

If you’ve changed your mind about selling stuff and you still haven’t received an order confirmation, please make sure to remove the listing to avoid any unnecessary strikes on your Melltoo account by following these directions:

1) Go to your Melltoo profile

2) Tap on LISTINGS and pick the listing you want to delete

3) Tap the pen and press on DELETE


Article Name
What if I Change My Mind about Selling Something After I've Accepted an Order?
Have you received and accepted an order and suddenly had a change of heart about selling it? Read this and learn what the expectations are of buyers and sellers who are using Melltoo's Pay&Ship Secure service.

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Sharene Lee

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