On Being User First

When we say we are USER FIRST, it’s not only about providing “instant, effective customer service” (Ahmed- Melltoo Growth Manager), it’s also about building our product around what our users want.

It’s about “having a relationship with you, our users, to know you and your pain points.” (Ibrahim- Melltoo Social Media Manager)

It’s about “putting your wants and needs at the center of all of our products and development” (Soukaina- Melltoo Media Relations Coordinator).

We strive to build a product that brings value to you, that solves a pressing need in your lives. The need to declutter your house with ease and convenience. To do that, we need your help, we need YOU to TELL US what you want and WHAT YOU NEED.

We don’t pretend to know better than you, our users. We don’t tell you what we think you want, we want YOU to TELL US what you actually want.

As a team, we will never be fully satisfied with Melltoo and as much as Aftab (our tech lead) is making a face as I type this, there will never be a final version of Melltoo and we will never stop working to make Melltoo better.

Being user first is also about incorporating you in our journey. Building a startup is not simply a job, it’s more than an occupation, it’s our passion. We love Melltoo and we love what we do and we want you to be a part of it. We want to share our journey with you and we hope to do that in this blog.

Join our community and become a member of a marketplace that puts it’s user’s first!

With utmost conviction,

Sharene & Morrad (Melltoo Co-Founders)


Melltoo: On Being User First
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Melltoo: On Being User First
We built our company around the ideal of being "user first". This is what "user first" means to us.

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Sharene Lee

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