How to use #hashtag with Melltoo

1- Understand the #Hashtag

The #hashtag is a way to organize information by interests to make information searchable. They are primarily used on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, the use of the #hashtag was popularized by Twitter.

Create a #hashtag typing #YourInterest, making sure there are no spaces in between words.

For example, I’m interested in social media, so I use #socialmedia hashtag when I post something related. If I search for #socialmedia on twitter, I will find all the tweets on the same topic. If I include #socialmedia in my tweet or in a Facebook post, anybody searching for #socialmedia will see my post/tweet displayed in the search results.

You can search for hashtags that already exist or you can create your own hashtag. Just make it simple, understandable and easy to use. If you do a good job, other people will start using your #hashtag as well.

Here is 7 common mistakes to avoid.

To learn more about the Hashtag, read The Beginner’s Guide to the Hashtag.

You can also use the hashtag on Melltoo!

2- Search for a specific product on Melltoo using the #Hashtag

If you are looking for a specific product on Melltoo search for #YourProductName. A listing of items with the #hashtag will be displayed on the browse screen.

Screenshot Melltoo Camera

3- Search for a store, a specific group or organization

If you are looking for an m-store or a catalog of items from a specific group or organization, search #YourStoreName, #YourGroupName or #YourOrganizationName. All the listings and ONLY the listings of your store, group or organization will be displayed on the browse screen.

Screenshot_Melltoo  6Th_Scents M Boutique

Here’s a tutorial about how to search your M-Boutique using Hashtag on Melltoo

4- Add an Hashtag in your Item’s description

If you want to identify your item as part of specific category or community for keyword search, you can use #Category or #Community

  • If you are selling your iPhone, you can include #Phone in the title or in your item’s Description.
  • If you are selling the same iPhone and you want to identify your post as part of the JTL Community, you can use #JTL.

You can also use both, #Phone and #JLT. You can even use additional #hashtags in the same post but too many #hashtags might end up confusing your buyer.

Here’s a tutorial about how to Hashtag your Community on Melltoo

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