On Trust in the Marketplace

In recent years, websites like eBay and Amazon have made online shopping popular worldwide. You can buy just about anything, from anyone, from anywhere in the world. Thus, making the internet a fascinating marketplace with millions of buyers and sellers.

Unfortunately, the anonymity that comes with the internet has also allowed many scammers, spammers and harassers to do what they do with impunity. Leading to the absence of an integral aspect of any online or offline marketplace: TRUST.

At Melltoo, we believe that anonymity is the death of trust. So we have created an app that makes buying more social for you, by introducing user profiles, beautiful interfaces and built-in chatting capabilities.

“Social network marketplaces, like Melltoo, solve the issue of trust in the marketplace, because they allow you to know with whom you’re dealing” (Morrad Irsane, Melltoo Co-Founder). Any good marketplace is defined by confidence, but what does that really mean?

“I believe that trust is an essential part of any business transaction. A buyer needs to feel confident that a seller is selling a genuine article that can be paid for securely and will arrive on time. On the other hand, a seller needs to feel confident that a buyer is genuinely interested in buying their item, willing to pay the advertised price, but more importantly pay it on time.” (Soukaina Rachidi, Media Relations Coordinator).

The Melltoo team hopes to globally promote the idea of a social marketplace with “no anonymous buyers, no lowball offers, no spam, no scam” (Sharene Lee, Co-Founder), because you, the user, deserve to “buy with confidence, without the fear of disappointment” (Ibrahim Diame, Social Media Manager).

“I am more prone to trust people who share common goals and values with me” (Ahmed Medien, Melltoo Growth Manager). With that idea in mind, Melltoo is working hard to build a supportive community of buyers and sellers who can thrive in a marketplace that is defined by our three core values: trust, sustainability and privacy.

Join our community and become a member of a marketplace that puts it’s user’s first!


The Melltoo Team

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On Trust in the Marketplace
At Melltoo, we believe that trust in the marketplace is the key to successful e-commerce. This is what "trust" means to us.

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Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.

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    1. Taking good pictures has nothing to do with hiding something, it has everything to do with providing the most accurate image of the item. If you take an image in poor lighting or that is blurred, this is exactly how you would mask a flaw in an item. However, if you take a good clean shot in good lighting without the surrounding clutter, it will not only clearly show any flaws in your item, it will also make the item more attractive to potential buyers. As you said, buying second hand is about trust, so if you start out distrusting the seller before even seeing the item, you shouldn’t be buying second hand. What’s more, you will eventually see the item in person, there’s no hiding anything then.

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