Tips to help you sell on Melltoo

Melltoo wants to help you sell your second hand items. Here are some tips to help you create a listing that is attractive and informative to a buyer.

Price :

Setting a reasonable price for your second hand item(s) is important from a buyer’s perspective. Your item(s) should have a fair price reflecting its condition, and your length of ownership. One way to ensure your item(s) are reasonably priced is to compare your listing with similar listings on Melltoo. Learn more about setting a good price for your listings


Item Specifics:

  • Category: Make sure you place your item(s) under the correct category. This simple step makes your item visible to potential buyers and increases the chances of selling your item(s). If you place the iPhone 6 you are selling under the fashion category, don’t be surprised if its still not sold despite it being a great deal!


  • Listing title: Make sure you list your item(s) with a title that matches the item(s) you want to sell. This helps potential buyers in finding your listing during a search. You are planning on selling your LG ULTRA HD TV 105 INCH GIGANTIC SCREEN however, you just list it as TV. This means a person who is searching for an LG ULTRA HD TV 105 INCH GIGANTIC SCREEN will miss your amazing deal!


  • Item description: Accurate and detailed description of your item is crucial to a buyer. A buyer decides on whether or not to purchase an item depending on the item’s description. Learn more about writing a good product description.


  • Hashtags: Melltoo offers its users the ability to search for items using Hashtags ( #Iphone6S ). This feature makes it easy for a buyer searching for an iPhone 6 to find your listing, thus increases your chances of selling.


Pictures of Items:

Clear and attractive images are important when trying to sell an item. If you put up a blurry image that has been captured in the dark with a very dirty background, chances are you will not sell that item. Good quality images double your chances of selling as they provide buyers with a clear idea of your listing, and helps them decide on making the purchase. Learn more about taking good pictures


Respond to the chats / reviews of potential buyers:

Potential buyers will always have questions regarding a listing they are interested in. Answering them and clearing all their doubts as soon as possible increases your chances of selling.


Pay&Ship Service:

All items listed for sale on Melltoo ( with exception of those posted under the auto category) will be delivered to the buyer through Melltoo’s new Pay&Ship premium service. This means that even if a buyer lives in another emirate, you will be able to sell your item to them and not have to worry about meet ups or delivery! Once a purchase has been confirmed on the app, Melltoo will take care of delivering the item to the buyer on your behalf.

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