Alternative jewelry for a sustainable beauty

T’Danes is a shop that sells 100% handmade. They make authentic and unique jewelry using a paper mache technique. We were thrilled to meet Diana Berisha-Mahmuti, the owner of T’Danes through the 100% Handcrafted online competition. She talks about passion, business, creativity and awareness – all the ingredients of an artisan’s soul.

The 100% Handcrafted Online Competition is powered by Melltoo, a mobile marketplace that allows artisans and handcrafters to sell on mobile and to share their passion with a larger audience.


Question 1

Through passion and dedication and lots of love for what I do. Loving your work is the key ‘ingredient’ in order to keep it going and aiming to go far.

Question 2

At times it appears that too much effort has been put on my work and much more on promoting it, which can wear you off, but I was taught that persistence always pays off. Looking forward to that day 🙂 To raise awareness and remind others that handmade and handcrafted work doesn’t result in a material thing only – it is love-coated and ‘sprinkled’ with pieces of artisans soul.

Infography 2

Question 3

To set the goals and never loose the creative mojo, to learn about business plans and get familiar with the needs and demands for my product.

Question 4

Yes, just starting to learn more about m-commerce since living in an Internet-hooked-era it’s another way of getting your stuff done.

Question 5

Being exposed in any way possible is a very valuable matter to any small business and aspiring artisan – Melltoo has possibilities and tools to promote and act as a bridging point, helping the expansion.

Question 6

Appreciate and praise anyone that has whatever skills and desire to make art – that would make you an art-lover and connoisseur as well. The more we are – the happier world would become 😀

Question 7

Keep it real and simple. Life is beautiful!

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