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Today our focus is on Yara Habash, one of our Mellsters from Jordan. She is from Amman, the capital and most populous city of Jordan. Let’s Zoom in one of Yara Habash’s items, a Vogue Sunglasses (price:50 JOD).

User's profile Yara Habash

– Vogue Sunglasses
JOD 50
Posted on February 8, 2015 available
– Brand New Short Black Dress
AED 120
Posted on February 8, 2015 available

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Product's profile Yara Habash

Vogue sunglasses, oval shape

Type of item: Designer
Category: Designer Fashion for Her
Seller name: Yara Habash
Item Name : Vogue Sunglasses
Price : AED 50

Why should you invest in a new pair of sunglasses today:

Having a good pair of sunglasses is important, especially when you live in a hot country like the UAE. Here are 5 reasons you should invest in a new pair of sunglasses today:

1) Sun Protection

Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which has been linked to the development of cataracts, eye cancers, and age-related macular degeneration, they also protect the delicate skin around your eyes from wrinkling, premature aging, and skin cancer. A good pair of sunglasses can block 99 to 100 percent of all the sun’s harmful UV rays.

2) Glare Reduction

The sun’s glare can be dangerous. Light reflecting off of vehicles and other surfaces can be very distracting or even impede vision while you’re driving. Polarized sunglasses are effective when it comes to reducing the amount of reflective glare that bounces off of certain surfaces.

3) Barrier Protection

In the desert climate of the UAE, wearing sunglasses is recommended, especially if you use contact lenses, because they help keep your eyes moist and comfortable. Sunglasses can also prevent dust and dirt from getting into your eyes and causing corneal scratches.

4) Headache and Eyestrain Reduction

Your pupils control how much light reaches the light-sensitive retina in the back of the eye. In sunny conditions, the pupil is not able to constrict small enough to reduce light to a comfortable level. This causes a person to squint, which reduces the amount of space between the upper and lower lids to block light. Continual squinting causes muscle fatigue, headaches and eyestrain. By decreasing the amount of light that reaches your eyes, sunglasses reduce the likelihood of these symptoms occurring.

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