How to earn referral credit

You can earn up to 1000AED on Melltoo by referring new users to the app. Every time you both earn 20AED once new sign up is complete.

Occasionally, new referees may earn 50AED or 100AED depending on the promotional offer (Eid, national holiday, etc.)

Earning referral credit is very easy:

  1. Share your personal referral code with your friends (see the GIF below)
  2. Your friends register in-app and verify their details
  3. Referral credit is automatically credited to your account!

How does it work

Step 1:

If you have the new versions of the app (2.5 on iOs or 4.4.1 on Android), you can simply now share your referral “code” with new friends and new users.

Copy paste your unique referral code

Step 2:

When your friend downloads the app from the app store on their phone, we will ask him to enter your referral code right before they sign up. Like here:

Add referral code here here

Step 3

After this step, we will ask the new user for a working email address, as well as their first and last name.

Once provided, the new user receives a verification link via email and their account is now verified!

Enter your verification code to verify your account

Step 4

Both referrer and referee receive 20AED in their free credit balance.


  1. We continuously monitor our referral program for duplicate accounts and duplicate phone numbers. You can only refer other new accounts join the app
  2. If we infer that you may by any chance be selling items to yourself in some manner, we may deduct the free credit
  3. Enjoy 50%* off your purchases when you pay with your referral credit
  4. You can only spend 300 AED free credit per purchase