Buying Maternity Clothes in Dubai

If you ask new Dubai mommies-to-be what the hardest pregnancy-related item to buy is, they’ll probably say maternity clothes. Unfortunately, in the UAE, there is a limited choice of maternity clothes that mommies can buy and there are only a few places that you can buy them from. However, even when new mommies are able to find something, it’s usually unfashionable or astronomically expensive.

So, what do you do if you want to look fashionable during your pregnancy, but you don’t want to break the bank? Buy yourself some pre-loved maternity clothes! Here is a list of 6 things that Melltoo thinks that every mommy-to-be should look for when they’re shopping (on the app or Facebook groups ) for maternity clothes in Dubai! If you have maternity clothes you want to sell, post them on Melltoo and we’ll handle the promotion, payment and delivery for you!

The “Insh’Allah List” for Maternity Clothes 


1) Maternity pants: whether you’re working or at home, try to buy maternity pants for every occasion.

Maternity pants

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2) Skirts: both long and short ones are ideal for the UAE heat and you can continue to wear them after the baby is born!

hijabi skirt

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3) Maternity jeans/leggings: not only are good pair of either comfy, they’re also easy to “fashionize.”

Maternity Leggings

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4) Cardigan or jacket: the right cardigan/jacket can make even the plainest t-shirt or jeans look fashionable.

Maternity cardigan

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5) Maternity tops: when it comes to tops, don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort! Buy yourself fun and chic tops!


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6) Loose Dresses: as your baby bump gets bigger, wearing dresses will become more practical and comfortable.

Hijabi dress

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