The Showroom Souk Ô Puces – Powered by Melltoo

On Saturday 22nd November we will be hosting the first “Souk Ô Puces” Showroom, organized by members of LNA (Les Nouveaux Aventuriers) Facebook group. This event is powered by Melltoo and supported by Les Nouveaux Aventuriers – Dubai (French Connection) with the collaboration of the “French Ladies Dubai”.

It will be the opportunity for everyone to get rid of stuff they don’t use anymore. Give your things a second life by selling them. Sustainability, reusing, and sharing are our values!

So join us from 8am to 3pm for the best deals.

The location will be announced shortly.

How to participate as a vendor*:

1- Confirm your attendance on the event page
2- Leave a comment “want to participate as a vendor!”
3- Post a part of your listing on the Melltoo app ( using the hashtag #SoukOPuces in your item description or title. We want to maximize sales by giving people an opportunity to see in advance what will be on sale at the showroom.

Here’s an article about how to Hashtag (#SoukOPuces) on Melltoo:

*Vendors have to add their items on the Melltoo mobile app a week before the event. Melltoo Market place is a social network for buyers and sellers that will be a window into the Showroom “Souk Ô Puces” .

Learn more about the Showroom Souk Ô Puces: