Flea Markets in UAE

Selling Secondhand Items in UAE:  Flea markets in Dubai and other Emirates

The UAE is home to millions of expats who move in and out constantly. As often as someone arrives, someone else leaves. When it’s time to go home, finding a way to dispose of your used things is not always easy. Some people opt to ship everything back home. And others prefer to sell everything locally to recoup some cash for their move.

There are a number of options for selling your things in the UAE. One way is to sell through web-based classifieds. However, these sites are actually quite cumbersome, because posting an item for sale is a long multi-step process. If you don’t mind this, you might mind the phone calls at one in the morning asking for your item at half the price listed. And most of the time, classifieds are for big things, like cars and homes; what about all the other stuff that you’ve accumulated over the year!?

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Another option for selling used items are the various flea markets and private sales that take place throughout the year in the UAE. These events are ideal when you have smaller things to sell, things that are easily transported from your home to the event site. However, due to the costs of booking a table at these events, it only makes sense to sell your stuff there if you have enough things to sell to cover your costs (factor in petrol prices and time). One way to reduce costs is to share a table with a friend!

If you rented a table at one of these events, but you still have some stuff left over, post it on Melltoo for FREE and share your posts with friends, so they know what’s still available. After you post your stuff, we’ll handle the hassle of promotion, payment and delivery for you! All you have to do is snap a photo, sit back and we’ll deal with the rest!


Name of Event: Zaabeel Park Flea Market

Location: Zaabeel Park

Schedule: First Saturday of the month 8am – 3pm

Type of Items Sold: Second hand items

Cost of Table: 270 AED

Website: http://www.dubai-fleamarket.com/when_and_where.aspx



Name of Event: Uptown Mirdif Flea Market

Location: Uptown Mirdif Mall (Esplanade)

Schedule: First Friday of the month 2pm – 7pm

Type of Items Sold: Second hand items

Cost of Table: 270 AED

Website: http://www.dubai-fleamarket.com/when_and_where.aspx




Name of Event: Baby Bazaar

Location: Times Square Center

Schedule: Last Saturday of the Month 9am – 2pm

Type of Items Sold: Baby and child-related second-hand and new items

Cost of Table: 200-400 AED

Website: http://www.babybazaar.org



Name of Event: Al Hamra Night Market

Location: Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club Boardwalk, Ras Al Khaimah

Schedule: Friday, Oct 31st 5pm – 10pm

Types of Items Sold: Not determined

Cost of Table: Free

Website: https://www.facebook.com/alhamramarina/photos/a.310271402326725.73246.291735500846982/827868563900337/?type=1&theater

Contact: [email protected] or call +97172432274





Name of Event: Sheraton Charity Flea Market

Location: Abu Dhabi Sheraton Hotel, Arzanah Ballroom

Schedule: 3-4 times a year. Next event on 6th Dec, 2014

Types of Items Sold: Second hand items

Cost of Table: 285 AED

Website: http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/community/features/56085-sheraton-flea-markets-in-abu-dhabi

Contact: [email protected] or call 02 677 3333

The charity flea market is a regular event at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort – it takes place 3-4 times a year. Visitors can join us for a fun filled day to sell and buy pre-loved goods in aid of a great cause. Exhibitors sell unwanted items from their home (for example clothing, electronics, small furniture, kids’ toys), while bargain hunters can stroll through the market to look for the best opportunities. All funds collected from the exhibitors will support children living in poverty, while proceeds from the tables benefit the exhibitors.



Name of Event: Sharjah Flea Market

Location: Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Buhaira Corniche Street

Schedule: First Friday of the month 4pm – 9pm

Types of Items Sold: Second hand items

Cost of Table: 220 AED

Website: http://www.sharjah-fleamarket.com/when_and_where.aspx



Name of Event: SO Chic Pop-up Fashion Sale (PRIVATE SALE – please contact to participate)

Location: Street Art Gallery in Jumeirah 1

Schedule: Wednesday 15th Oct 8am – 10pm  (every month and a half, contact for next event)

Types of Items Sold: Second hand fashion items

Cost of Table: Free

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1495052784081883/

Contact: Emma 052-661-8222 or Alex 052-668-4022