Leaving Dubai: 5 Farewell Party Ideas

Are you leaving Dubai? Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to your friends? Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff you have to sell? You are not alone! Moving can be very hectic, especially when you are trying to juggle farewell parties and garage sales. What if I told you that you could gather your friends, sell your stuff and have fun all at the same? Here are 5 farewell parties ideas from Melltoo that will help you celebrate your favorite people and sell your preloved items before you leave the UAE!



1) Where in the World did you Buy that?

Host a sale event where you share the stories of all the fun dresses, shirts, paintings, knick knacks etc that you have collected from your international travels during your time in the UAE.

 Feeling extra creative? Separate your souvenirs into different continents and serve a finger food representing each continent. “Savor” the memories and enjoy a good laugh with your friends as you declutter.


2)What Decade is this From?

Did you find a Billy Cosby-esque sweater that you wore in the eighties? Don’t donate it just yet! Host a retro themed party and invite your guests to come in decade appropriate attire. Share stories of your “historic” clutter and sell your “antiques” to the grooviest buyers.

 Feeling extra creative? Prepare some relevant trivia questions and break out your VCR, CD player or record player (before you sell them) to make the event more authentic.



3) Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show

Ladies, not ready to get rid of your clothes and shoes just yet? No problem! Host a private fashion show and invite your friends to model the outfits that they want to buy from you. Enjoy watching your outfits strut down your hallway one last time.

 Feeling extra creative? Organize a fun photoshoot in your living room and invite your friends over for a makeup and hair session before they start strutting down the catwalk.


 4) Fix it Friday for the Fellas

Has your father, brother, husband etc been promising to fix something in your storage room forever? Well, why wait any longer? Host a Fix it Friday event, where the men in your life can invite their handy friends to fix, take and sell your broken clutter.

 Feeling extra creative? Buy some hamburgers and veggies and fire up that grill! Nothing will encourage the guys to fix those broken things like the promise of good food.


5) Community Library Day

Take the books that are scattered around your house anLibraryd organize them into different age groups, genres or authors. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to spend the afternoon perusing and buying your book collection.

Feeling extra creative?  Setup up designated reading zones in your house on your Community Library Day, where your guests can snuggle up and start reading the books that they bought from you.   


Don’t have time to host a farewell party to sell your stuff? No worries! Post your stuff on Melltoo  and let us handle the promotion, payment and delivery of your items on your behalf!