Melltoo Pioneer Social Classifieds Towards A More Sustainable Economy in the UAE

Like most startups, the process of going to market is never a straightforward one. We started out with what we thought users wanted and ended up in what users actually want. Since then, we’ve built a business and a community platform whose primary offerings are trust and convenience.

We call it, the no-meetup classifieds. A community classifieds that comes to you on a technologically robust mobile app (more than just a retranscription of a few web pages) with full shipping and return management (convenience), a dedicated customer service team, curated listings and vetted users (trust).

This is our story.

When we launched Melltoo, we made a cool mobile app with listings and a chat option. We dubbed it the mobile classifieds app. Soon after, we launched our own payment guarantee and shipping features transforming our platform into a marketplace. Our community grew to hundreds of thousands of people who come to our platform to buy second hand items, backed by a money-back guarantee.

Like with every new disruptive business, we focused on user education. We doubled down on using new terms such as “marketplace” or “peer-to-peer” which have become buzzwords in other industrialized markets, but had little resonance for users who simply searched the word “classifieds” and downloaded our app.

After a short euphoric period of hypergrowth which had its own challenges, we figured out that we can only best serve our users if we remain truthful to how we envisioned our product in the first place.

This is how we do it differently:

Product value


When you go on traditional classifieds, you usually have no idea who you’re dealing with. That’s a problem for people who prefer not to meet strangers. In fact, people on classifieds usually have concerns about putting their contact information on a public platform. And you will certainly run into problems where people lie about their items as well as a variety of other scams.

Being the modern classifieds that we are, every listing sold on our platform comes with a money-back guarantee, both parties are protected. Users have ratings from previous transactions and are verified to make sure they’re “real” and physically present in the UAE at the time of the transaction. When an item is paid for by a buyer, the funds are held in escrow until the buyer receives and the item he purchased. Once the item is accepted by the buyer, funds are automatically transferred to the seller’s account. As a buyer, this means that your money will be returned to you if you don’t receive your item. As a seller, this means that the buyer’s payment is secured prior to you shipping your item.


Melltoo leverages a network of third party logistics companies to ship items sold in-app without the need for users to meet in person. The logistics of meeting in person to trade items like strollers, used iPhones or furniture is the biggest hurdle to selling on classifieds.

Dedicated customer service

Two years into servicing hundreds of thousands of users and tens of thousands of transactions, we’ve built a strong customer service team to push our brand forward. We push for great customer support before technology. Our primary KPI’s are speed and success in solving user problems.

When users come to us with a problem, we try our best to fix their problems as soon as it happens. In the word of our COO, Sharene Lee, “Prioritize, prioritize! First priority is to solve problems.” And she couldn’t have said it better. As the no-meetup classifieds, we handle complicated cases of shipping and returns as well as cash collections and withdrawals. The problems that may arise are numerous and we strive to always put the needs of our customers first.

Morrad Irsane, our CEO, shapes and pushes this vision to remind us of what we stand for:

“We are product and customer focused. Customers are the focal point of Melltoo’s development and vision. All goes hand to hand. Without customers there is no melltoo. Hence the online – offline experience should be delightful from the “buy it now” button to last mile delivery. We are striving to make the process so enjoyable and easy for customers that it becomes a no brainer when it comes to selling your stuff.”

Who is our customer?

Advertisers vs users

Traditional classifieds make money from advertisers and paid listings. They are typically platform hosts to other companies’ media and promotional campaigns. When you don’t pay for a product, you’re the product. Classifieds serve advertisers first and foremost and users are the product that they sell to advertisers.

At Melltoo, we do things differently. We serve our users, buyers and sellers, who use our platform for buying and selling among one  another. We don’t sell ads, we don’t have advertisers. Our focus is on providing the best user experience and ensuring that each sale goes smoothly. Since we make money off successful sales, we are partners with our users (both buyers and sellers) and they are our priority.

This is reflected in our marketing campaigns where we invest our marketing dollars right into our users’ pockets. Through a combination of a referral program and promo code campaigns, we incentivise purchases so buyers get a good deal and sellers sell fast.

Social Impact

Melltoo is a business with a mission. This mission is to contribute to a sustainable future through facilitating resale and reuse. We strive to reduce our footprint on our planet by reducing the need for overproduction through responsible consumerism (buying used!).

We go to work with the understanding that the 3 R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” are the only way ahead if we intend to keep inhabiting this earth. We are introducing a fourth “R”, resell. Reselling helps us reduce and reuse and is a necessary step before recycling.

Melltoo is a peer to peer marketplace

Dear user,


In the past months, Melltoo has grown rapidly and has become a busy and dynamic marketplace. Unfortunately, there has been a rise of business selling on Melltoo for which we are not designed.


Melltoo is a peer to peer marketplace for preloved and second hand items as well as new items that are UNIQUE. We are not built for business sellers who purchase new things for resale. As a result, we will no longer allow business selling on Melltoo.


If you are selling:


  • Items that are new.
  • Many of the same items.
  • Many similar items that vary only in colour, brand or other nonfunctional characteristics:


We will:

  • Remove all your listings.
  • Send you a warning.
  • If you continue to list new items for business selling, we will revoke your ability to post items for sale


Please take note of the withdrawal policies applicable to all sellers

  • 1 payment per beneficiary (not account) per week. In other words, if you have multiple accounts (which is against our policies) that request withdrawals to the same beneficiary, only 1 withdrawal will be completed to this beneficiary per week.
  • Business (high volume) sellers (more than 30 transactions per month) may only withdraw a maximum of 5000 AED per month.
  • Bank transfers (free) take 2-5 working days from the date of request (assuming all provided information is correct)
  • Western Union transfers take 5-7 working days from the date of request (assuming all provided information is correct)
  • Western Union transfers under 500 AED incur a 20 AED fee, over 500 AED is free of cost


We welcome sellers of preloved and new items that are UNIQUE. We strive to help you sell faster and buy better and to continue growing our peer to peer marketplace to become the biggest marketplace in the region.


Thank you for being a user of Melltoo and we look forward to bringing you some exciting new developments very soon.





Morrad Irsane


How to List an Item for Sale

Melltoo is the best option for no-meet up classifieds in the UAE. List your items for sale, speak with our buyers online and let us ship for you.

1) Open the Melltoo app and press on the SELL button

2) Add photos (Take photos, video or select from library)

How to add pictures on Melltoo app

3) Select the category/type of your item 


4) Select the weight of your item for shipping



5) Select the price for your item  (More details below)

6) Add shipping address and description 

7) Chat easily with buyers

Item Specifics:

  • Category: Make sure you place your item(s) under the correct category. This simple step makes your item visible to potential buyers and increases the chances of selling your item(s).
  • Listing title: Make sure you list your item(s) with a title that matches the item(s) you want to sell. Keep the titles short and precise
  • Item description: Accurate and detailed description of your item is crucial to a buyer. A buyer decides on whether or not to purchase an item depending on the item’s description. Learn more about writing a good product description.
  • Shipping address: Add your shipping address to your profile so you can easily select when you’re selling items or buying items. You can add more than one address.


All new listings are  subject to moderation and review by Melltoo. This means that we will decide if we will accept or remove your listing before other viewers can see it.

Please read: My post does not appear on the feed


Pay&Ship Service:

All items listed for sale on Melltoo ( with exception of those listed under the auto category) will be delivered to the buyer through the Melltoo ‘Pay&Ship’ premium service. This means that even if a buyer lives in another emirate, you will be able to sell your item to them and not have to worry about meet ups or delivery! Once a purchase has been confirmed on the app, Melltoo will take care of delivering the item to the buyer on your behalf.