Review: Mothercare Valencia Wooden Highchair

Not sure if you should buy the Mothercare Valencia Wooden Highchair? Then you should definitely check out what UAE mommy Tania Varghese has to say about it! However, if you are ready to buy a highchair, but you don’t have time for meet ups or getting lost in Dubai, buy it preloved on Melltoo and let us handle payment and delivery for you. Secondhand shopping has never been this easy in the UAE!

About this product:

  • It can be used for children from 6 months to 3 years.Valencia Highchair
  • This wooden highchair is simply designed, yet it adds a vintage touch to any household.
  • It has a large wooden food tray that folds back behind the seat for easy storage.
  • It has a full safety harness (shoulder and waist harness) that keep children securely seated.
  • It’s unfolded dimensions are H93 x W50 x D64cm
  • It’s folded dimensions are H102 x W50 x D18cm

My observations:


  • The chair is made of solid wood.
  • It’s easy to lift a baby in and out of the chair.
  • The shoulder harness can prevent a 6 month-old baby from slouching, because the seat is quite wide.
  • When your child grows, you can ditch the shoulder straps and continue to use the waist straps to prevent them from sliding under.
  • The footrest ensures that a child is adequately supported while seated in the chair.
  • The chair is easy to wipe and clean after meals
  • The chair has padded inserts for the baby to sit on.
  • The chair folds flat.


  • The chair is heavier than it’s plastic counterparts.
  • The chair has no height adjustment or reclining possibilities.
  • It’s difficult to clean the cloth straps, because you have to unscrew them from the highchair in order to remove them.

My Verdict:

Not only can the Mothercare Valencia Wooden Highchair add a retro look to any home, it’s also Valencia Highchair 1sturdy and heavy, which is really important for me since my child is a real squirmer. I also really like the footrest on the highchair, because it prevents my child from sliding in the chair when I’m trying to secure her in the seat. Another nice feature that this chair has is that you can fold the tray behind the chair, so your child can eat at the table with the family.

Having said that, DO NOT attempt to move the tray table when the baby is already in the chair, because IT WILL hit them on the head! Price-wise, I found the Valencia Highchair to be quite expensive- it cost around 600 dirhams in Mothercare! Especially, since it is recommended that you purchase the PVC padded inserts, which cost an additional 150 dirhams! Unfortunately, I was unable to secure the padded inserts correctly, so they always move when I’m taking my baby out of the highchair.

Overall, I think that the Mothercare Valencia Wooden Highchair is a great product, compared to it’s plastic counterparts, because it’s sturdy, durable and can be used until a child is 3 years-old, which makes it money well spent in my opinion. If you’re lucky, you can get a cheaper second hand one by checking out any Facebook group for selling kids stuff in the UAE.  If you’re artistic, you can also customize your chair by painting it with colorful, baby-friendly paints. If you own one that you want to get rid of, sell it on Melltoo and avoid the hassles of meet ups, by getting your chair delivered straight to the buyer and get paid on the app!

My rating: 4 / 5