Can I trust the seller?

You’ve found your item, and you are ready to buy – but you are naturally wary of whom you are buying it from? You’ll be glad to know that Melltoo takes accuracy, quality and safety very seriously, and we only want happy buyers. We communicate with our users daily in-app, and we moderate all our items and users too, we don’t allow anything we don’t deem suitable, behaviour, communications or selling.

How to  determine which seller is the most trustworthy..

1) Reviews:

After completing a sale on Melltoo, every buyer is asked to rate the seller. So, before you buy something from someone, check out what other buyers are saying about them. If you’ve looked through the buyer reviews and you’re happy with what you see, press the Buy It Now button ASAP!

Seller reviews

2) Comments:

Look at the comments left by buyers on a seller’s listings to determine how trustworthy a seller is. If buyers are praising a seller for their good service, that is great news and you can make your purchase confidently. However, if buyers are complaining about a seller, that is an immediate red flag and you should be cautious about buying from them.

communicate via comment

3) Chat:

If you don’t find any reviews or comments, but you still want to check a seller out, don’t hesitate to speak with the seller via Melltoo’s private chat. If during your conversation, the seller makes strange requests, asks you inappropriate questions or for unnecessary personal information, stop the conversation immediately and report them to Melltoo by pressing on the report button.

In case the seller does not reply back to you and you still want to buy from them, you may consult with your Melltoo customer support representative to get the seller to respond to your messages. All items listed in the app should be available for purchase or they will be removed.

chat with seller


4) Return and reimbursement

Your purchase is protected by the Melltoo Pay&Ship Secure program. This means you may request to return any item you purchase in-app. The Melltoo customer support team reviews every return request in order to protect both buyer and seller. If the return request is valid, the buyer will receive a refund of the amount they have paid.

All refunds are processed through your Melltoo eWallet, through bank transfer or cash remittance via an exchange house. Melltoo cannot deliver cash to your home, it is against the UAE law. To recieve your refund of cash amounts paid, please request a withdrawal through the app. All regular withdrawal policies apply. 

5) Scam reporting

If confronted with scams and fraudulent activity within the Melltoo community, such as excessive requests for personal information or request of cash transfers outside the Melltoo payment system, you are encouraged to report this type of behavior to the Melltoo customer support team. The team will take appropriate action to suspend the offending user and stop the scam and spam activity.