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We need you to take note of the policies pertaining to images listed on the app –  this will help you sell faster, and sell more;


  • Take photos of the actual item for sale and not copy/paste images from somewhere else.

You may think that they look the same, but your item may have imperfections or flaws that don’t appear in a photo copied from somewhere else. Buyers are purchasing an item based on the photo listed and have the right to return an item if it does not match the photograph listed in-app


  • Irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Poor resolution.
  • Appear sideways or upside down.
  • Unclear or blurred images.
  • Images copied from websites or search engines.


  • Add additional text or graphics to photographs.
  • Create photo montages – you can upload 3 separate images to your listing.
  • Upload images that do not represent your item accurately.
  • Upload photos of items that you do not have on hand or that are for pre-ordering
  • Duplicate listings – one listing for a single item is enough! Others will be deleted.
  • List NEW items purchased specifically for resale in order to make a PROFIT (classified as business selling)


Please take a picture of the item that you have IN HAND , READY TO BE SOLD – if possible, remove items from the box to photograph


Want help taking pictures? We’ve got you covered here 

Business selling is prohibited on Melltoo! Need clarification on the Melltoo policies for selling? Take a look here 

Not following our image policy could lead to all listings being removed and a user ban – and we don’t want that!

Any questions, you know you can ask us anytime in app via our chat option – and we thank you for being part of the Melltoo family – long may it continue!

Samsung note 3 for sale in uae

[URIS id=4538]



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Type of item: Samsung Phone
Category: Phone/Smartphone
Seller name: Dani Khan
Item Name: Samsung note 3
Location: Dubai
Price for this Samsung note 3: AED 1450


Samsung note 3’s reviews

Review By zero1000100 on October from

It’s not often that I come across a piece of technology that completely changes my day to day routine. That changes the way that I interact and utilize the tool that’s in my pocket. More so, a piece of tech that breathes life back into my passion for technology and the modern smartphone landscape.

The Galaxy Note 3 is one such device. For a bit of background I’ve used every major OS that is on the market now as well as some casualties of the Smartphone War. I’ve bounced back and forth between the current giants of the land but I’ve at times ventured away towards the outcasts. My last experiment was with a Nokia N9 running MeeGo which overall wasn’t a bad experience but the dated hardware made me forfeit that journey early on.

Enter the greatest smartphone in the World! The Galaxy Note 3! Sorry, I don’t mean to sound so dramatic but at the same time…I do. That’s just how enjoyable this experience has been overall…



Phone is in a great condition scratchless and less used. Bcz used as a second phone. It comes with charger, data cable,hand free and back cover. Screen protector is also there with life time warranty. Can negotiate in price.

Samsung Note 3 lte N9005
AED 1450



Samsung note 3 price – UAE
AED 2299

Samsung galaxy s5 4g gold price – UAE
AED 1199

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Username: Dani Khan
Gender: Male
Numbers of item available on the user listing: 2
Joined Melltoo on: Marsh 2015



1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for the username “Dani Khan” from your activity feed
3. Chat with Dani Khan through instant message

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Zoom In On The App – Samsung Galaxie Note Edge


Let’s make a ZOOM on Nomanturab our new Mellster with his brand new #Samsung Galaxie Note edge 32Gb.


Melltoo User's profile Nomanturab

Listing on Melltoo:

– Lg G Watch R – Smart Watch
1200 AED
Posted on december 6, 2014 available
– Motorola X 2014 32gb – Black
2500 AED
Posted on december 6, 2014 (sold)

Follower on Melltoo:

Last reviews on Melltoo:

By Mohammed alnaimi, 10 december:
” Is it original? and how much the last price? “

By Nomanturab, 1 day ago:
” Yes original, 3400 final”


Product profile Samsung Galaxie Note Melltoo


Brand New!! Samsung Note Edge 32gb – White #samsung #noteedge


Device Type: Smartphone
OS: Android
Resolution: 1440 X 2560 pixels
Touchscreen: Multi-touch
Built-in storage: 32 GB
Camera: 16 megapixels
Batterie: 3 000mAh, Fast Charging
Network: 3G – 4G
Price: The Samsung Note Edge costs approximately 3999 UAE

Note Edge Reviews:

kbreeze415, 1 day ago
I do not do reviews to often but I felt like I should for this one since some people are so iffy about the design of the phone. First let me say that before getting this phone I was deciding between this, the nexus 6, and iphone 6 plus. I am not biased when it comes to phones and I have previously owned an iphone 4s and iphone 5. The Iphone 6 plus was eliminated for me due to the fact that I have an iphone 6 as a work phone and I really just don’t like it so apple products or not for me…

Read more about this review

SallyMaeSusan, 14 days ago
At first it seems like a gimmick…at SECOND it still seems like a gimmick.

Matthew Barnes, 19 days ago
I think Samsung needs to focus on products like these and forget about making other lower end devices. I like the Edge and Note series. They have way to many lower end phones that most of us don’t really care about.

Tony, from River City Miami, 18 days ago
i was having major battery issues with the edge. i rooted and removed/froze s finder, s voice, facebook, anything that said knox,s health, quick connect, all carrier bloat. then i installed battery doctor.

problem solved.

the largest drain was the “index service”

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Contact the seller on the Melltoo app
How to contact Nomanturab?:

1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for “Samsung Note Edge 32gb on the app
3. Chat with Nomanturab through instant message

How to Prepare Mobiles in UAE for Sale

It’s that time of the year, where Apple, Samsung and many other companies are talking about their new releases and you’re probably considering upgrading your phone. But, before you can consider buying another phone, you have to figure out what to do with the one you already have. If you want to get rid of it easily and conveniently, post it on Melltoo and let us handle payment and delivery on your behalf! But before you post your phone for sale, here are a couple of things that you need to take care of:

 Second Hand mobiles for sale - Melltoo social classifieds

Cross Platform/Device Migration

If you’re replacing your iPhone with Apple’s latest edition, then you should back up the data on your current phone and restore it on your new one. If you are transferring data from one Samsung to another, you can use Samsung Kies. However, in general, Androids don’t require any special software to migrate data. If, however, you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa, backing up and restoring data on your new device isn’t going to work. So here are some things you should extract from your phone before performing a factory reset.

 iPhone Contacts List - Melltoo social classifieds

 Contacts List

What’s a phone if you don’t have any phone numbers in it? And I’m sure you’re not planning to manually re-enter all 2,347 phone contacts in your new phone?! Here are 2 easy guides for backing up your contacts for an iPhone and an Android.

iOS: Back up with icloud.

Android: Sync with Gmail contacts.


 Melltoo social classifieds marketplace


Some photos should be deleted and the I-just-woke-up Snapchat from your best friend or the accidental selfie should be the first to go. However, if you have videos of your family’s annual BBQ or a friend’s engagement party, make sure to backup those photos and videos, so you can transfer them to your new phone!

iOS: Import to your computer directly

iOS (alternative): Backup using iCloud or iTunes

Android: Import to your computer directly


Melltoo social classifieds marketplace


There are certain documents and files that you might want to have in your phone, such as audio files or .pdf files you refer to regularly. Don’t forget these!

iOS: Unfortunately, you can’t extract files from an iOS device, since they are linked to the app that opens them. For instance, a .pdf file is linked to you iBooks app. The only way to back up these files is to use iTunes. If you are still able to access the original source of the file (say from an email attachment or download from a website), you can use a cloud service like dropbox to back up your files. Using dropbox will allow you to migrate your files to either a new Android or another iPhone. Even if you’re moving from iPhone to iPhone, this might be a better alternative than backing up and restoring using iTunes since you might not want to migrate everything into your new phone.

Android: Same process as photos. Import to your computer directly.


Melltoo social classifieds marketplace

Whatsapp Conversations/Media

If you are one of the 500 million Whatsapp users in the world, chances are, you’re going to want to migrate some of your whatsapp conversations to your new phone. Thankfully, you can do this on both iPhones and Androids!



Melltoo social classifieds marketplace

Erasing/Resetting Phones to Factory Defaults

Ok, you’re done backing up your data, it’s time to erase everything and factory reset the phone. The last thing you want is for the new owner to discover something of a personal nature. Erase all your remaining data and happy selling!