What Is The Process of Returning an Item on Melltoo?

All returns on Melltoo are subject to terms and conditions.

Melltoo Pay&Ship policy guarantees that both sellers and buyers be paid or receive their items when they make a transaction on Melltoo.

In the case the buyer would like to return an item they have returned, there are rules.

As we process a return, we will ask the buyer to provide evidence that:

a) This item is defective (please describe + attach photos)
b) This item does not match description of seller (attach photos)
c) Other (please explain)

or all of the above.

We are committed to return your purchases free of charge if you receive an order that doesn’t match the description of the seller (option b).

Read more: Return Policies

We do not cover returns because of size, model design or color taste.

You cannot return an item because you no longer want it without the approval of the seller.

Please note that more than 3 returns or cancellations within a month will result in the user account being flagged and potentially blocked

Return fees

In many cases, we may levy return fees for either the seller or the buyer. The fees usually cover the shipping and return shipping fees from the seller’s address to the buyer’s and back. This means that return fees is always twofold of original shipping fee on the listing e.g. (40AED, 80AED, etc.).