How to Organize Your Storage Room: Ask Shelina Podcast #3

Do you want to declutter your life? “Ask Shelina” is a podcast for anyone who wants to learn how to declutter their house, but doesn’t know where to start. It is hosted by Shelina Jokhiya, Founder of Decluttr Me, the first company in the UAE created to help people organize their lives and Melltoo Marketplace is the official organizer of the podcast series.

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Here is the podcast #3 of “Ask Shelina” podcast series.

140701 before and after store room

Each episode brings you useful tips and tricks that you can implement today to become organized and live stress-free.


Sean: Hi again everyone, it is Sean here with Shelina with a podcast brought to you by DecluttrMe and Melltoo. This week, we are going to be talking about organizing storage room. Because part of the work we have seen Shelina do with decluttering was a very, very impressive one with the storage room we have seen. It was very disorganized in the before picture. And then whollah, it was a boutique for shopping really when you see the picture after. So just wanting Shelina to tell us about this, how did you do it? What did you think of? What came to your mind? What was the inspiration behind this sort of organizing?

Shelina: Hi Sean, nice to see you again.

Sean: Thank you Shelina.

Shelina:   Well, with this one, the client had a lot of things in there. A lot of shoes, sports gear, DIY things, and then the kids school bags and shoes. So looking at it, it looked terrible, but actually it wasn’t. You just had to go through all the items and decide what to keep and what not to keep. I worked with the client and her husband as well. He had a lot of shoes so we had to decide what shoes to keep and not to keep. Also, sports gear, what sports gear they were using and what they weren’t. And then after that, once we’d decided what to keep, then I went in and organized everything into proper systems. So there was one level for the wife’s shoes, one level for the child’s shoes and one level for the husband’s shoes. And then at the top, we used a basket which I’d bought from a new Swedish shop called Class Olson (2:06?) to put all the DIY stuff in it. And then we had the sports gear, so skipping ropes and all those foam things you use for your back, boxing gloves, golf clubs, they were all put in one section as well. So that’s generally how we organized everything in this one, yep.

Sean: Ok, yeah – I just observed in the pictures of this that you have used this basket. It was used for the medicine cabinet that we talked about last week, and you have used it again here in this picture in this situation. I would like to think that it is one of your tools I would say for organizing, so can you tell us more about the sort of tools you use. The things you used for this organizing and where and how you get them and how do you choose to select what to use.

Shelina: With most clients, first of all I see what they have already. Because we are all about decluttering and organizing so we’re not wanting to waste money buying more things unless we have to. So I track and see what they have and then after that, I will go into storage places. There’s Ikea, which is my favorite shop in the world, and I buy a lot of my stuff there. They have a lot of boxes especially a range called Soma (3:37?) in different sizes, which are perfect for most houses. Class Olsen is a new one, it has nice stuff as well, that I purchase for my clients. And then there is Daiso, which is brilliant for little storage boxes, storage jars. And I go to various other places as well and buy the items that are needed. And I can just tell from my experience what items to buy for clients. We do a consultation beforehand to see what is needed, what they already have.

Sean: Alright, ok, that’s brilliant. Good, and this a personal one now, I just have to admit, I can get really, really messy sometimes with things at home and then I just stop to – I think I want to do it. I mean, I think I want to get them organized – but I just start procrastinating. I say, “I want to do it today.” And then maybe the football match comes on and then I’m, “Ok fine, I will do it tomorrow.” Something, always comes up, I never will get to doing it. How do you let me say, cure that? How do you get over procrastination and just do it?

Shelina: You have to push yourself. If you can’t push yourself, you have to get someone to push you, which is where I come in. So most clients they’ve got to a point, say with this storage room. It got to a point where they couldn’t access their shoes, they could not access things because it was packed full of things. They could not walk into it,so they just had enough – and that was when they called me because they couldn’t take it anymore. And that’s what happens with most people. They get to that point where they think I can’t take it. So, with most people, it is when they realize that they cannot access things, they can’t find things.  It takes them twenty minutes to find their car keys in the morning, that’s when they need a professional organizer like me to come in and help them to find everything, to organize stuff so that they do not have this problem again. Because being disorganized means you waste money, you waste time and it affects your health after a while so I help them to alleviate all those problems.

Sean: Okay, well that’s been really helpful. I mean, I should give you a call these days.

Shelina: One day.

Sean: Thank you very much. Ok, one more thing, I mean from a question we got from one of our past podcasts from a question we got from the listeners – what do with things that you have – say for instance,  you figure this person does not need something from their closet anymore. What do you do with things that are not wanted anymore?

Shelina: With clients when we declutter, say with this one, they had shoes a lot of shoes that that we had to – that they decided they didn’t need anymore. So we either – if they’re damaged, we throw them away. If they are kind of soiled, but they could be worn again, we donate it. Then we also use companies or shops or apps like Melltoo to sell the shoes online. So there’s various different ways. I mean, you can try and make money out of it. So I encourage my clients that they can get cash out of the things they declutter using Melltoo or going to a flea market, or using some other company. Then they could do that. If they want to donate they can donate, but the choice is theirs.

Sean: Ok, so basically you are helping people organized and make money at the same time, which is brilliant. I shall definitely be calling you.  Ok, alright, with that we have come to the end of our podcast for this week. Thank you very much Shelina for coming again today. We appreciate your time.

Shelina: Thank you for having me, it’s been great.

Sean: Thank you very much. Until next week, hope you have enjoyed today’s podcast.