Leaving Dubai? You probably need to sell your furniture…

After years of living in Dubai, you, like many, have probably accumulated a lot of stuff. And like many, when it’s finally time to leave, you probably can't take most of it with you. There are several options for selling your furniture in Dubai including second hand furniture dealers and "removal" services that pay you a pittance. However, if you want to get the best value for your stuff when leaving Dubai, here’s what I found to be the quickest and easiest way.

  1. Display all your items in one central place online where people can see everything at a glance.
  2. Send out a message to everyone you know (email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter) and let them know you are liquidating your things (they already know what you have that they want!)
  3. Make sure you provide the link where they can see all your stuff at a glance.
  4. Ask them to share it with everyone they know.
  5. Organize 2 “open days” and watch your things go!



Step 1 – Where to put everything up online?

Recommended: Melltoo

• Posting each item takes less than a minute, snap a pic and upload right from your phone
• People can see everything you have in one screen just by looking at your user profile Not ideal: Facebook “yard sale” Groups
• Difficult to look at everything in one place
• Your posts get buried as soon as you put up something new
• You probably don’t want strangers looking at your Facebook profile Also not ideal: Creating a website
• It’s time consuming and you’ll have to figure out how to lay out everything so it makes sense for buyers.

Not ideal: Web-based classifieds

• Posting an item takes too long
• Nearly impossible to see everything in one place
• You will get lots of random lowball offers and late night phone calls


Step 2 – How to tell everyone you know

Recommended: Melltoo auto-sharing to social networks

• Share your posts from the app directly to Facebook and Twitter. Include a note telling everyone that you are leaving and liquidating and that they should check out your “catalog” on Melltoo.

Not ideal: Manually sharing to social media

• This would require you to do a separate post for every social media platform you use. Time consuming. Not recommended:

Not ideal: Email

• People don’t always read emails in a timely manner, especially personal ones that don’t seem particularly urgent. This would mean that your email might not get read until the night before you leave.
• How big is your email list? Does it compare with the friend list you have on social networks?


Step 3 – Tell everyone where to find your “catalog” online

Recommended: #hashtags and user profiles on Melltoo

• #Hashtags are a convenient way of grouping your items together so that friends and non-friends alike can find your stuff easily.
• Make sure to add one unifying #hashtag to all your items, (e.g. #SharonIsGoingHome)
• Tell everyone they can find you on Melltoo just by searching for #SharonIsGoingHome.
• They can also see everything you have simply by clicking on your user profile.


Step 4 – Ask them to share it with everyone they know.

Recommended: Ask for shares on social media

• Dealing with friends of friends usually builds trust, which means you’re likely to receive a fair price
• People usually don’t mind sharing a post on Facebook or retweeting something because it’s easy to do. All you have to do is ask.

Not ideal: Being shy about asking people to share

• You’re leaving, you gotta sell your stuff, if you don’t ask, they won’t do it.
• If you do ask, the worse that can happen is that they don’t do it.


Step 5 – Close the deal in 2 days.

Recommended: Organize 2 fixed “open house” days where everything has to go.

• Once everyone is aware you are leaving and selling your stuff, the offers will start rolling in through Melltoo chat. People will be “booking” items that they intend to purchase.
• Make sure everyone is aware that it’s a “first-come-first-served” basis and that you are not holding anything for anyone.
• Set 2 days where people have to come pick-up what they want and don’t hold anything for anyone. Everything must go.
• When people know that it’s now or never, they will make sure they show up and you’ll be done in 2 days.
• Alternately, if you don’t have time to deal with people coming to your house you can use Melltoo’s Pay&Ship Secure service, which handles the promotion, payment and delivery of your items to buyers on your behalf.


Step 6 – Take the stuff you care about with you

RECOMMENDED: Get multiple quotes from international shipping companies in the UAE through ServiceMarket.com for LCL or Groupage options

  • By selling what you don’t need anymore, you’re also saving on crazy shipping costs!
  • So instead of paying for a whole container, you can opt for two alternatives to full container shipping (FCL) – loose container load (LCL) and groupage. These options are almost always much cheaper than FCL because you only pay for the volume of your goods plus some other charges.
  • You should also compare quotes from different companies as some companies are better equipped and connected to handle LCL and groupage shipments. So you may actually get very varying rates. You just need to look for them!
  • Finally, before you hire an international mover, you should compare inclusions and exclusions of your quote. Some companies may leave out very important charges from your initial quote to make it seem more competitive, and that’s a hassle especially when you’re at your destination port trying to clear everything from customs.

What are you waiting for? Download Melltoo and start selling your furniture ASAP!