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Let’s make a ZOOM on Nomanturab our new Mellster with his brand new #Samsung Galaxie Note edge 32Gb.


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By Mohammed alnaimi, 10 december:
” Is it original? and how much the last price? “

By Nomanturab, 1 day ago:
” Yes original, 3400 final”


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Brand New!! Samsung Note Edge 32gb – White #samsung #noteedge


Device Type: Smartphone
OS: Android
Resolution: 1440 X 2560 pixels
Touchscreen: Multi-touch
Built-in storage: 32 GB
Camera: 16 megapixels
Batterie: 3 000mAh, Fast Charging
Network: 3G – 4G
Price: The Samsung Note Edge costs approximately 3999 UAE

Note Edge Reviews:

kbreeze415, 1 day ago
I do not do reviews to often but I felt like I should for this one since some people are so iffy about the design of the phone. First let me say that before getting this phone I was deciding between this, the nexus 6, and iphone 6 plus. I am not biased when it comes to phones and I have previously owned an iphone 4s and iphone 5. The Iphone 6 plus was eliminated for me due to the fact that I have an iphone 6 as a work phone and I really just don’t like it so apple products or not for me…

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SallyMaeSusan, 14 days ago
At first it seems like a gimmick…at SECOND it still seems like a gimmick.

Matthew Barnes, 19 days ago
I think Samsung needs to focus on products like these and forget about making other lower end devices. I like the Edge and Note series. They have way to many lower end phones that most of us don’t really care about.

Tony, from River City Miami, 18 days ago
i was having major battery issues with the edge. i rooted and removed/froze s finder, s voice, facebook, anything that said knox,s health, quick connect, all carrier bloat. then i installed battery doctor.

problem solved.

the largest drain was the “index service”

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