How to List an Item for Sale

Melltoo is the best option for no-meet up classifieds in the UAE. List your items for sale, speak with our buyers online and let us ship for you.

1) Open the Melltoo app and press on the SELL button

2) Add photos (Take photos, video or select from library)

How to add pictures on Melltoo app

3) Select the category/type of your item 


4) Select the weight of your item for shipping



5) Select the price for your item  (More details below)

6) Add shipping address and description 

7) Chat easily with buyers

Item Specifics:

  • Category: Make sure you place your item(s) under the correct category. This simple step makes your item visible to potential buyers and increases the chances of selling your item(s).
  • Listing title: Make sure you list your item(s) with a title that matches the item(s) you want to sell. Keep the titles short and precise
  • Item description: Accurate and detailed description of your item is crucial to a buyer. A buyer decides on whether or not to purchase an item depending on the item’s description. Learn more about writing a good product description.
  • Shipping address: Add your shipping address to your profile so you can easily select when you’re selling items or buying items. You can add more than one address.


All new listings are  subject to moderation and review by Melltoo. This means that we will decide if we will accept or remove your listing before other viewers can see it.

Please read: My post does not appear on the feed


Pay&Ship Service:

All items listed for sale on Melltoo ( with exception of those listed under the auto category) will be delivered to the buyer through the Melltoo ‘Pay&Ship’ premium service. This means that even if a buyer lives in another emirate, you will be able to sell your item to them and not have to worry about meet ups or delivery! Once a purchase has been confirmed on the app, Melltoo will take care of delivering the item to the buyer on your behalf.