The New Shopping Trend: Mobile Shopping

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Worldwide, 30% of ecommerce site traffic came from mobile in 2013., the Amazon, of the MENA region recently revealed that 40% of its sales (and growing) come from mobile. They predict that mobile will be the main way to shop by 2015. All over the world, all eyes are turning to mobile, with Facebook declaring itself a mobile-first company along with their acquisition of Whatsapp (a mobile-only messaging platform) for a whopping $19B. If you’re still not convinced that mobile is the way to go, then you should stop reading.

There are already many on the cutting edge who have taken to Instagram to set up their m-stores. And you know what? They are doing great. But Instagram is a photo-sharing app, not an m-commerce platform. And I can hear others now proudly boasting about their mobile responsive website. Sorry, but responsive just doesn’t cut it. Consumers prefer native apps, enough said. And an icon on their phone reminds them to go shopping, while a web browser on a phone takes the user everywhere but to your responsive website. Mobile is the best shopper experience.

How is the mobile shopping experience different?

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An example of Shopper experience by SAPEnterpriseMobile

 79% of smartphone owners reach for their mobile to research products, compare prices, and get recommendations. Capture consumer mindshare, and combat showrooming, with SAP Shopper Experience. It’s a personalized and engaging app that makes shopping fun and rewarding before, during

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