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Today our focus is on a Basil, one of our Mellster from Dubai who joined the Melltoo community on january. Basil is selling a beautiful Ford Explorer (price: 17000 AED). Let’s Zoom in on this car.

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Ford Explorer
Price: AED 1700
Posted on February 3, 2015 available

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In very good condition. new tyers and new battery. lady use. mob 0506624432


Type of item: Cars
Category: Autos/Cars
Seller name: Basil
Item Name : Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer’s Price: AED 17000

Ford Explorer XLT’s reviews

1) Review by memartin7 on 08/20/14 from

We bought our Explorer new, having owned both generations prior. This is by-far our favorite, and still sits in our driveway next to our 2007 Explorer today. We use ours for a daily driver and could not ask for a better vehicle given our needs. We have driven the majority of the time trouble free, but once we hit around the 110,000 – 125,000 mile marker, we started running into some issues, which is normal repairs that come with age. And despite the infamous transmission and tailgate cracking, we have encountered neither – but are aware that the problems exist. I would definitely purchase another one without hesitation. It’s definitely a vehicle you will enjoy and want to keep.

2) Review by Cwbankman 12/7/2014 from

I purchased my explorer new in 2004. Yes, some things have needed to be fixed over the years, however, most have been typical. I did buy the extended warranty which covered most of the expenses. The body is still not showing any rust due to the trim package protecting the wheel wells from salt. The transmission is original but shifts a little abruptly when cold and the internal computer has had to be replaced twice. The 4.6 liter V8 runs like a charm. The oil has been changed on a regular basis and it does not burn or use any. I do however need to replace the from wheel bearing assemblies soon. I have had to replace the rear will bearings many years ago. I have had a couple of electrical issues stemming from the driver’s door. Overall, it has been a good vehicle. The repair costs are far less per year than the payments were. It has pretty dependable and we still take it on long trips because to the space. This is the third one I have had. I leased a 1999 and a 2002. The 2002 needed a new transmission along with many other repairs.

3) Review by green from 17/1/2012 from

We bought ours in 2006 w/33K miles. It runs like a top, have never had any major problems with it. Cloth seats are easy to clean, exterior still shines like a new dime. Gas mileage could be better, but overall we are very happy with our very reliable truck!

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