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Today our focus is on mbnobles, a new Mellster from Dubai who is selling PlayStation console + games + joysticks (on sale for 750 AED). Sounds like a great deal! Let’s Zoom in on mbnobles’s item.

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Playstation 2 Package With Games
AED 750
Posted on january 28, 2015 available

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Everything you need for an awesome gaming experience! Playstation 2 console, 2 controllers, 2 guitars, multiplayer input for 4 controllers, 8MB memory card. 35 of the best games … Sports, Racing, Fighting, Adventure, Shooting and more!! Everything works perfectly like new, all ready to go!! Best price ever for entire package.


Type of item: Video Game
Category: Electronics/Gaming
Seller name: mbnobles
Item Name : Playstation 2 Package With Games
Price : AED 750

Playstation2’s reviews

1) Review by PooPanda January 24, 2015 from Amazon.com

Awesome and works well. The one I had before always turned off at random because the external power supply was bad and I always had to mess around with it to turn on. This console has the power supply inside it which I have no worries when I turn it on. Great and would recommend this to a lover of the classic PS1 and PS2 games

2) Review by Brianna Fellbaum February 2, 2015 from Amazon.com

This review is from: Playstation 2 Console – Black (Electronics)
I’ve had an extremely good experience with the PlayStation 2. I’ve had mine for 14 years, and it runs perfectly with all the original cords and parts. I haven’t even had to dust it more than a little keyboard dusting can to the vents. The only thing is that the controllers will wear out in about 2 Years under good care, but you can find cheap replacements that last longer at game stop. I’ve never owned a game cube, and I’ve only played on an Xbox a couple times, but compared to Xbox, ps2 trumps it in durability, ease of controller use, and noise(its extremely quiet!) And buy and extra memory card, you’ll need it if you’re gonna play tons of games.

3) Review by Concerned One “Thrashfan” December 17, 2006 from Amazon.com

This may not be the latest technology, but the DVD/Gaming unit is still very much a excellent unit to own. First off, the price today is very affordable, the game selection is excellent (new and used), and the controlers and such are very similar to PS I, so not much transition to start to play this. I prefer this unit over X-Box original, even though X box does have a slight edge on graphics. Very solid unit, and one to buy if you want to have great graphics without the price shock of the PS3 and X-box 360.

Classic Game Room HD – Playstation 2 video review

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