How do I get paid?

Every time you successfully sell an item your item on Melltoo, your money is guaranteed and will be transferred to your Melltoo wallet.

Cash credit vs. free credit

Your Melltoo wallet screen will detail exactly your free credit (promo codes, referral credit, rewards from the Melltoo team…) as well as your cash credit balance (sale earnings).

Only amounts from sales and returned payments can be withdrawn. Credits from promo codes cannot be withdrawn.

Your wallet screen will show exactly your free credit and your cash credit like the screen below.

You can only withdraw cash balance

How do you make a withdrawal?

  1. Select wallet screen from menu on your profile setting
Select the “wallet” screen from the profile menu

2. Select withdrawal from your overall balance screen

3. Select the withdrawal type from below screen

Withdrawal options:

  • Exchange cash credit for +125% free credit = (no minimum, no fees, instant)
  • Melltoo Pay = (free tool to send money to family and friends for free)
  • Bank transfer (UAE bank accounts only) = no minimums, no fees, up to 7 working days)
  • Direct cash withdrawal from a Mashreq ATM bank = NO bank account needed, minimum 100 AED, no fees, can only withdraw multiples of 100, you will recieve a pin code from Melltoo to collect the cash
  • Cash transfer via UAExchange/Western Union (UAE only) = 1,000 AED minimum withdrawal, no fees, up to 9 working days
  • Cash transfer via UAExchange/Western Union (UAE only) = no minimum, 20 AED fee, up to 9 working days

All beneficiaries must be UAE residents and 18 year old of age.

How often can you make a withdrawal request?

You can make a request once a month for all types of withdrawals.

Withdrawals must not exceed 5000AED in total per user per month

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