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Today our ZOOM In is on Tanveer Khan’s sofa (on sale for 750 AED)! Are you looking for sitting furniture? Or do you just want a new look for your living room ? Look no further, our Mellster Tanveer Khan is selling beautiful 4-5 piece sofa sets at very reasonable prices. Not only are these sofa sets a good bargain, they can be delivered right to your door, because Tanveer and Co deliver all over the UAE. Chat with Tanveer and get a new sofa set today. Don’t sit on the idea for too long or you might not find anything to sit on!


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– Sofa cum bed
250 AED
Posted on january 11, 2015 available
– Service : Call for pick up moving
150 AED
Posted on january 11, 2015 available
– Brand new sofa
750 AED
Posted on january 11, 2015 available
– Brand new sofa with free delivery
750 AED
Posted on january 11, 2015 available
– Sofa free delivery
650 AED
Posted on december 7, 2014 available
– Brand new Pvc leather sofa
650 AED
Posted on december 7, 2014 available

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Abu Dhabi dubai Sharjah all over use we deliver sofa cash on delivery.


Type of item: Sofa
Name: Brand New Sofa
colors: red
Price: 750
Sofa’s Reviews:

1) By denniskight from houzz.com

I have a rather large L-shaped sectional sofa that my wife and I love to lounge on while watching tv. It is time for a change though, so after some pretty extensive research, we ordered the Mitchell Gold Clifton sectional sofa in slate gray, and cannot wait for it to arrive. The down side (said in complete sarcasm) is that ordering the sofa inspired us to decide to do a full remodel of our living/dining room. The Ideabook section of Houzz has been a tremendous help as we have pulled together ideas of what we wanted to do in the new space.

2) By Sheila Edmond from houzz.com

I’ve recently discovered how important depth really is. What suits you well in one room, may not be right in another. I moved our sectional from the living room to the den, and in that room it just isn’t deep enough for longer hours of sitting, nor for napping. However it is perfect for reading the Sunday paper and watching a show or movie during the day, when one is likely to be more upright.

3) By JAN MOYER from houzz.com

All of life ( and sofas!) is choice. You can keep dogs off a sofa, you can toss an inexpensive quilt on one so your kids/dogs don’t get it grungy, you can vacuum it, you can turn the cushions regularly and rotate them. OR NOT. But there is no magic. No matter what you spend, whether leather or fabric, high end or low end, it is going to last, and look as good as the care/maintenance you devote to it, and the quality and comfort you purchased. End of short story : )

How to Purchase a Sofa

Contact the seller on the Melltoo app Tanveer Khan
How to contact Tanveer Khan?:

1. Download the Melltoo app
2. Search for the username “Tanveer Khan” from your activity feed
3. Chat with Tanveer Khan instant message

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