Life as Mom in Dubai

By: Rashidah Brown, Content Crafter, Baby Shop Dubai

Have you ever thought of what life might be like for moms living in Dubai. Maybe you’ve thought of moving here but don’t know enough about it to take that step?  Perhaps you wonder, what are some problems that moms often face? What do moms struggle with? How do they have fun? What’s it like for working moms and stay-a- home moms? What do you think you’d do for fun?
Well, many expat mothers who are living in Dubai have answered all of these questions and more. They offer us a look at what life is like for moms of young children in Dubai.Some of them have lived here in Dubai for a very short period others for around five years. They all live in different areas in Dubai and have very different lifestyles. Here is what they have to say about day-to-day life as a mother in Dubai.

What are homes and neighborhoods like in Dubai?

Heba Massarweh is a Jordanian mom living in Dubai with her two young boys (below 3 years-old).She decided to put her career aside for a while so that she can spend every waking moment with her little ones. She describes her neighborhood as a wonderful playground filled with friendly neighbors, greenery and young children.

All of the moms who participated say they live in great neighborhoods in Dubai, where they are comfortable and feel safe. “The communities are nice and the people are very welcoming”.

How do moms in Dubai spend time with their kids?

Most moms say they do spend a lot of time with their kids. Most of the moms we asked say they are happy with the amount of time they spend with them. Others say they have to squeeze in play times and cuddling, whenever they can!

Sara Ubcm from Canada says she has a mixed schedule and doesn’t feel like she spends enough time with her two-year-old. She has a full-time job and finds it challenging.

She isn’t the only mom who feels that way. Read here. Moms all over the world struggle with time management when it comes to balancing work and kids.

How do working moms function in Dubai? 

Louise Steen, is a Danish mom and has been living in Dubai for about 6 years. She works with a company called Yolofood that supplies healthy snacks to offices across the UAE. She has two children (five and ten years-old) who go to school in Dubai. Every week she runs through her routine prepping the kids for school. Dropping them off, delivering to clients etc. Despite her busy schedule she says she somehow manages to go out and have fun with the kids all the time.

Swiss mom, Andrea Said-Gosteli says her job as Operations and Logistics Director is perfect for her lifestyle and she manages it like clockwork. She has three young children all under the age of four. Her schedule is quite clean-cut. While the kids are in nursery she is at work. works from 9am-1pm and then spends the rest of the day with her little ones. She leaves the youngest home with a trusted babysitter when she needs to, a woman she’d know for years.  Like any toddlers would, her kids keep her on her toes but she says she enjoys every minute she spends with them.

What about stay at home moms, what do they do in Dubai?

Anjum Arsheen is another young mom living in Dubai. She says she is happily married and has one daughter. Her life can get quite hectic but she, too, enjoys every moment with her family. She also put her career on pause and she says she now has the world’s best job ever “I’m a mother”.


Anjum Arsheen and her daughter, 2 years old.
She and her two year old daughter spend a lot of time together at home. They also have mommy/daughter play-dates.  Whenever they feel bored they find a place to go, and they go. She and her daughter have plenty of free time to bond and enjoy each other’s company!  What do moms in Dubai do for fun? 

Dubai is a very social and entertaining city. Working moms and stay at home moms all have many options for what they want to do for fun. They often go out and join with their other moms and other kids.

Dubai mom, Andrea runs a Facebook group called Playdates for Mom&Children Dubai, where moms reach out to each other and make arrangements to meet each other and socialize!Sandra Baba from Begium says she’s been in UAE for eight years. She has two kids a boy, 3 years-old, and a girl, 1 year-old. She has a job in real estate and says her flexible work hours and locations, mean she is able to spend a lot of time with her kids. She goes to the gym whenever she can and loves to go on play-dates.

Aline, is a Lebanese mom with a 7-month old. She is a photographer’s agent and she says that even though her baby is still so young. She has always loved to play with her baby and go out to places.

“I feel Dubai offers plenty of opportunities for mothers to have fun with kids” says Dubai mom Semi Rajesh. She has a long list of activities that she and her two kids, 5 years-old and, 16 months-old, do for fun. Those activities include strolls on the beach, play-dates,  parks and enjoying indoor play areas in Dubai and many more!

How well does Dubai accommodate mothers?
When I asked the mothers about this, all of them said they think Dubai is a great place for families. It can be a very friendly environment and there is always something fun and exciting to do! They also say it can be quite costly when it comes to rent and stuff for kids in general.Jency Varghese, mother of a six-month-old baby boy, says she has mixed feelings about Dubai’s accommodations for women. “I believe there is sufficient places around Dubai that make thing easier and practical for mothers. However, when it comes to maternity leaves, I feel Dubai is very poor in that area and they should grant mothers a minimum if 3 months leave” .  She decided to leave her job as a technical engineer so that she can witness every second of her child’s first year.


Semi’s children
Louise Steen says that mothers have to consider the cost of everything they do. The city is very beautiful but it’s quite pricey to live there comfortably.Laura Evans is a financial adviser in Dubai and she recognizes exactly how costly Dubai can be for mothers. She specializes in helping moms spend smart. She runs a company that also offers free first aid training for moms who are looking for it. Contact her at [email protected] or call +97145674531 for more information.

Finally, what do moms in Dubai do with the things they no longer need or that the kids grow out of?
Almost all of the moms said they give the used stuff away to charities and/or sell items on Dubizzle and Facebook. Some moms say they don’t know what to do with the stuff. They often ask around for someone to take it off their hands.

So, now you know. These are the lifestyles of moms ind Dubai. Like anywhere else in the world there are pros and con’s to life as a mother in Dubai.

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