On Promoting Sustainability in the UAE

One of the main reasons that I chose to join the Melltoo team was their passion for promoting SUSTAINABILITY in the UAE. We believe that we can help protect the environment by finding your preloved items new and loving homes.

At Melltoo, we are determined to change the current culture of consumption, so we can “consume less energy and avoid wasting precious resources.” (Ibrahim- Melltoo Social Media Manager)

Selling second hand is also about “getting back some of your assets worth/value/money. In basic accounting, it is generally assumed that assets will be sold after x years of depreciation. It’s almost natural.(Ahmed- Melltoo Growth Manager)

As a society, “we produce and consume too much, but by buying/selling second hand, we can keep consuming without over-producing.” (Sharene- Melltoo Co-Founder).

The sharing economy is about creating a new culture of consumption, a culture where everyone can enjoy some of the finer things in life. Not everyone can afford a smartphone, laptop or designer bag at their original retail prices, but anyone can enjoy these luxuries with the discounted prices that the sharing economy provides.

“Not only does the sharing economy allow us to live more sustainably, it also allows to share the joy and/or comfort that our household items brings with fellow members of our community.” (Soukaina- Melltoo Media Relations Coordinator)

Join the Melltoo team in promoting sustainability in the UAE by cultivating a culture of sustainable consumption, income, but more importantly a culture of sustainable love for the preloved items in our lives.

Yours inspirationally,

Melltoo team

On Promoting Sustainability in the UAE
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On Promoting Sustainability in the UAE
At Melltoo, we strongly believe in promoting a culture of sustainability in the UAE. This is what "sustainability" means to us

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Sharene Lee

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