Make my shoes dream!

Sarah Bhatti is an Artist based in Dubai who makes custom painted shoes. She finds inspiration in everyday life but also through famous artists like Van Gogh. We were thrilled to meet her through the 100% Handcrafted online competition. She reveals to us in this interview how she creates something different each time, every pair is original and unique.

The 100% Handcrafted Online Competition is powered by Melltoo, a mobile marketplace that allows artisans and handcrafters to sell on mobile and to share their passion with a larger audience.

Question 1

Being an Artist is the best thing that ever happened to me. Since the beginning, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, but I never thought of becoming an artist and an entrepreneur, i didn’t choose Art but Art chose me.

I tried a lot of handcraft techniques in the beginning, after I set my heart on custom made shoes. I always wanted to work in a different and unique medium; to do something not everyone else was doing… then I came across the idea of making custom painted shoes. So I decided to make my own (and first!) pair of custom shoes, Give it a try and see the response. Much to my surprise, everyone else loved it and orders started to come in.

I believe one should not have restrictions in art and experiment … I am a great believer in custom made work, where I can combine my love for Art and Shoes!.


Question 2

Just Start. Don’t be scared of failure, in the end at least you tried. Never give up on your dreams. Work Hard, Stay inspired, keep trying New Things and Success will find you.

Question 3

Selling, marketing, photographing the products all by yourself, customer expectations and end result. You’re always at the edge, and you have to be up to the mark all the time. Being an artist, one must continue to innovate and be at one’s creative best to satisfy customers and yourself too… Also to get my customers to believe that my product is 100% durable and washable and all the designs are hand painted. You might get criticized; best thing to do is to take in the criticism to improve yourself but not to bring your morale down… Be open to everything that comes your way… And think positive.

Question 4

Yes. That could be a milestone.

Question 5

I believe Melltoo can give my business more exposure and credibility.

Question 6

Support local and independent Artists and crafters. Buy Hand-made!

Question 7

Never waste your talent, do what you love to do. And Be Creative.


Where can we find Sarah’s Art?



ARTE – Artisans of the Emirates : (ARTE)

The Artisans of the Emirates are based in Dubai and run Art & Craft markets (every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Friday of every month) featuring exclusive, locally handmade products.

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