My post isn’t appearing in the feed?

Introducing moderation.

Since January 2017, Melltoo has introduced a new moderation process before any new sale listings appear in the categories feed.

The moderation team checks item posts for:

  • Image policy
  • Description
  • Price accuracy
  • Prohibited listings
  • Duplicate items
  • Items sold for by business sellers for profit

Image policy

Since 2016, Melltoo team introduced a new set of rules about image policy in order to protect buyers who buy on Melltoo based on trust in our community and our brand, but also who base their purchase decision on images displayed in the item posts. Thus, the displayed images on item posts must absolutely be authentic images of the actual item being sold. Generic photos copied/pasted from the internet are prohibited.

Please take time to learn more about Melltoo image policy.


Sellers must include accurate and detailed description of the items they are selling on the Melltoo app. Description must include details (but not limited to) such as state of the item (new, old, ripped, slightly damaged, etc.) or details about its functionality. Occasionally, the description may include violation of Melltoo Pay&Ship SECURE system such as refusal to sell via Melltoo shipping and payment system or fraudulent request of cash transfers. Melltoo team blocks these types of posts.

Price accuracy 

While sellers are free to select their prices for their items, they must be reasonable and not surpass market ranges. Melltoo buyers trust our application and brand to find a bargain as well as buy from trusted sellers. We request from all sellers they list accurate prices of their items on the app. Melltoo moderation team may also block an item post only temporarily to adjust for shipping fee if it does not match the size/weight category of the sold item.

Prohibited listings 

Melltoo prohibits the listing of all types of services on the app as well as “items” that cannot be shipped via Melltoo shipping system. Melltoo also prohibits the sale of certain items such as:

  • Living animals
  • Food and beverage
  • Medication and tablets
  • Flammables
  • Fake skincare and cosmetics
  • Fire arms and ammunition
  • Gold coins and nuggets
  • Cigarettes and smoking equipments
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Pornographic materials

Occasionally, the Melltoo moderation team will block other type of listings that are flagged by our community (e.g. refurbished phones).

Duplicate items

Melltoo moderation team automatically blocks all items with the same title. All duplicates are removed. We encourage Melltoo sellers to sell unique items on the application. We discourage volume sales of the same items even with slight variations such as size or color. In order to give sellers equal chances The moderation team will also block similar items and may block a seller account from adding any more listings on the app.

Items sold for by business sellers for profit

Melltoo is a marketplace for second hand items. We welcome sellers selling their personal belongings. Items purchased for resale by business sellers are prohibited on Melltoo. We reserve the right to block sellers for business selling. In general, if you have an inventory (more than 1) of NEW items for sale from which you make a PROFIT, you are considered a business seller and your account will be suspended permanently.

The Melltoo moderation team will not alert sellers when blocking their listings on the app, however, all sellers can chat with the customer service team and request reasons for removal. We promise to provide an answer in less than 24 hours!