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Manta & Rebozo is a Mexican initiative that promotes the creative, economic, and social freedom of indigenous artisan women in Mexico. Its mission is to preserve the traditions of dress and accessory making in small villages by creating a for profit trademark that supports the sale of their products under fair trade standards. We were thrilled to meet Manta & Rebozo at 100% Handcrafted online competition. They reveal to us in this interview how they managed to bring colors of Mexico to Dubai.

The 100% Handcrafted Online Competition is powered by Melltoo, a mobile marketplace that allows artisans and handcrafters to sell on mobile and to share their passion with a larger audience.

Question 1

By working hard and being passionate for my dream which is to start my own business, shared with my role as a full-time Mom and helping the needy in my country… all these things together

Question 2

Try and try is the key to success, never give up.

Question 3

Lack of appreciation of the handcraft and the amazing work of the artisan; that it’s not just work, they are expressing their world on their masterpieces.

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Question 4

Yes we are working on it. Our goal is to share the colors and culture of Mexico with the Middle East.

Question 5

Exposure! Any sort of exposure of work of my amazing artisans is a plus for the artisans.

Question 6

I would just like to explain who we are. Manta & Rebozo celebrates the beauty of Mexican handcrafts by finding harmonic balance between traditional and contemporary. We manage a wide range of products including unique and pretty, baby/children/adult garments, accessories and silver jewellery. All products are made by groups of Mexican artisans who aim at conserving and strengthening their traditional artisan techniques.

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Where can we find Manta & Rebozo?

Website : http://www.mantarebozo.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MantaRebozo

From 20th May until 19th June we can find Manta & Rebozo at Dubai Festival City – Mezzanine Level – Ikea side Everyday from 10am to 10pm


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