Lost Packages

Melltoo Marketplace’s shipping partners are extremely accurate. They are the best performers in logistics in the UAE. That being said, errors are human. They may happen. A buyer may not receive their ordered item and their item might be mishandled or misplaced. This is still a very rare occurrence.

We are committed to protect our users (buyers and sellers) when such mistake happens. We are committed to either retrieving the correct package or refunding the counterparts for the real* value of the lost item.

You can only reclaim a lost package exactly one month after order placement date. Regardless of our response timing, we will take into account the first time you sent us an inquiry with the specific order ID of the lost item.

*real refers to the market value of the lost item (either new or used). This will be settled between inquisitor and Melltoo moderation team.

Published by

Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.