I just sold something, when will the courier come?

Orders are typically picked up within 5 business days after you accept an order on the Melltoo app.

Order validation

Every time we validate a transaction on Melltoo, you receive a booking confirmation email with the name of the shipping partner as well as an airway bill number to track your shipment.

Our shipping partners handle pick-up as well as returns of all items sold through Melltoo Pay&Ship . You may call courier customer service centers directly or request further information from Melltoo customer support when in need of assistance.

Fastest way to schedule pick-up

When scheduling pick-ups at a specific time or for a last-minute update of information, please contact Melltoo customer support team as well as the courier call center. You may even request the contact information of the driver in your pick-up area for faster and more convenient service.

Courier partners

SkyNet Customer Service 04 282 5999


Airbone Customer service: 04 257 9900


Posta Plus Customer Service:  04 701 8600


Wing Customer Service:  (0) 44 043 999


Please only enter the airway bill number (received in the confirmation email) on Wing online tracker or request your airway bill number from the Melltoo customer support team.

All of our courier partners have call centers that you can contact when in need of specific information about the status of your shipment. You may also consult their online websites to track your shipment online in just two seconds. You have the option to search current shipment status by adding Melltoo Order ID (also called shipper reference or shipment number) or shipment tracking number (also called airway bill number or shipment reference).

Every order on Melltoo has a unique ID. Every airway bill number is unique. Please always check for the airway bill number on the paper you receive from courier before you hand over your item.


Delays will occur sometimes if the drivers in your pick-up area are overloaded on a particular day and cannot make the time or the trip to your location. In that case, you may see your pick-up delayed by one day or by several days.

We work very hard on our partnerships to solve these issues and make sure your pick-ups are scheduled within 5 business days after an order is accepted on Melltoo. We request you call the respective phone number to let drivers know of your exact availability and location if this arrangement will accelerate the pick-up process.

Please do not give up after one call or two or rely uniquely on a call from the driver. We kindly request you take an active role to ship your item to the buyer as soon as possible. This will ensure that you will also get your money as fast as you are selling.

For any questions about the pick-up process, please start a conversation with the Melltoo customer support team who will be happy to assist you.

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