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Every year, people from all over the UAE contribute to free Ramadhan meal (iftar) programs in different ways. Some of them prepare meals and others prefer to donate money directly to charitable organizations. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi feeds 15,000 people nightly during the month of Ramadhan. Each Ramadhan meal cost 10-20 dhs.

Yet, there are others who want to help but are limited by time and money. Melltoo wants to make it easy for everyone to contribute to feeding the fortunate during Ramadhan without preparing food and without giving money.

Join the #halfAdate movement. Help us sponsor the Human Appeal International Ramadhan Iftar program. The program provides Ramadhan meals for the needy throughout this month. Contribute your #halfAdate by posting something of yours for sale on Melltoo Marketplace and we will contribute the other half by donating 5 AED to Human Appeal International.

How does it work white

To join the movement:

1- Download Melltoo using the link at the bottom


2-Post your Item for sale with the hashtag

Include the hashtag #halfAdate when you name your item.

For example, if you are selling Nike shoes, the name of your item should be: “Nike Shoes #halfAdate”.

On Melltoo MarketPlace you can post your item in less than 2 min.

Here’s a video tutorial about how to post an add on Melltoo:


3-Encourage your friends to do the same

There is no limit to the number of posts. After your first post, you can post another item for sale and share it again.


Campaign duration

From Sunday 29th of june to Friday 27th of july 2014


Campaign rules

This campaign is NOT about collecting money from people to give to charities. Instead, Melltoo MarketPlace will donate from our marketing budget 5 AED* for every item posted for sale on Melltoo with #halfAdate.

People often delay acts of charity because they don’t think what they are able to give (in time or money) is enough. This really isn’t true. Give, even if it’s just half a date.

So contribute your #halfAdate by posting an item for sale on Melltoo and we’ll contribute our #halfAdate by donating 5AED to sponsoring Ramadhan meals for the less fortunate.

*Our marketing budget is 3000AED

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