IKEA and Melltoo “Peer2peer” Partnership

IKEA and Melltoo are partnering to help Saudi residents sell their preloved IKEA furniture in an effort to give used furniture a second life. Sellers get cash and an IKEA voucher and buyers receive deep discounts on verified IKEA furniture delivered to their homes.

The “Why” behind “Melltoo – IKEA” partnership

Melltoo tirelessly works toward helping our customers achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to help people resell preloved items that still have a useful life; and to give these items a second life to avoid the landfill. 

IKEA uses 1% of the world’s wood production to produce their furniture and recognizes its role in helping the furniture industry become more sustainable. In collaboration with Melltoo, IKEA is seizing an opportunity to facilitate peer-to-peer sales of used furniture to provide avenues for customers to reuse and recycle. 

An exciting start

In November 2021, we launched our IKEA peer2peer campaign in Riyadh. You can see signage in the Riyadh IKEA store with a description of the program. From the Melltoo app, customers can take photos of their preloved IKEA furniture, the app will suggest a price based on condition and the product will be listed.

How to use the service?

  1. List your furniture on Melltoo
    Download the Melltoo app to upload photos and info about your furniture. 
  2. Buyers will reach out in-app
    Maintain complete privacy as buyers contact you through the app. We will never share your phone number or email publicly.
  3. We collect, deliver, and get you paid
    Once sold, we send couriers to collect your furniture and deliver it to the buyer. 1-3 days afterward, we transfer payment to you securely.
  4. Get 20% extra IKEA-CASH
    Receive an IKEA cash voucher to spend at IKEA stores in Saudi Arabia. The voucher is equivalent to 20% of the price you sell your furniture for. Redeemable 1-3 days after delivery.

Start Selling.

We are excited to continue working with the IKEA team to continue helping our customers live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.