How Do I Prepare my Item to be Shipped?

Your first sale is made, and it’s time to ship!

YES – Melltoo is taking care of the collection for you, but it’s you who needs to make sure your item is ready to be shipped!

This is REALLY important, because an improperly packaged item will most likely get damaged in shipping. In such cases, the seller is responsible for the damages caused to the item due to improper packaging. Courier insurance only covers damage in the case that the item is properly packaged.

1) Buy or recycle an appropriately sized box:

When you’re looking for a box to pack your item in, make sure that there is less than a ½ inch space around your item (when you place it in the box) so it doesn’t move around during delivery.

large box

2) Assemble or reinforce your box with good quality packing tape:

Taping your box properly reduces the likelihood of it coming apart during the delivery, especially if it’s a recycled once. When you’re taping your box together, make sure that all the corners and edges are securely taped with pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon-reinforced filament tape.

Box ready for shipment

3) Wrap fragile items with several layers of bubble wrap:

If you’re shipping something fragile, make sure that you securely wrap it with several layers of bubble wrap, in order to ensure that it is adequately protected. In fact, it is recommended that you have at least 5cm of cushioning material around any fragile item that you’re shipping. Label your package FRAGILE and be sure to inform the courier of the same when he collects the item.


4) Secure all items inside your shipping box:

A “dancing” item in a box is likely to become a broken or damaged one, so make sure that your shipping box is the right size and that you use the right amount of bubble wrap, so that your item is properly protected.

5) Shipping Irregular Sized Items

If you’re shipping something like a stroller or an irregular-sized item, try your best to provide the maximum amount of protection to your item, by putting it in or wrapping it in a large garbage bag and securing it with an appropriate amount of tape.

6) Damage liability

There is no damage liability provided when shipping an item that is improperly packaged. The seller is required to adequately package their item,especially if it is fragile or vulnerable to damage during transportation. The seller must select the appropriate size/weight freight option when selling an item on Melltoo. The couriers’ insurance will only cover costs of damage in cases where the item is properly packaged.

Melltoo moderation team will alert sellers if they have chosen the wrong size/weight freight option before or during the sale process. The seller will be required to delete their original item listing and add a brand new item listing.

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How Do I Prepare my Item to be Shipped?
So you just got your first order, now what? How do you prepare your item to be picked up? Read this simple guide and learn how you can package your item and get it out of your house ASAP with Melltoo!

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