How Do I Get a Refund on an Item I Purchased?

When an order that has been purchased through the Pay&Ship Secure service is cancelled, we process a full refund back to your Melltoo Wallet immediately. However, how you access your refund depends on what payment method you used to pay for your purchase:

1) Credit card

If you used a credit card, the amount that you paid for your purchase will be credited to your Melltoo wallet immediately. In order to withdraw that amount in cash, you must…

  1. Press on your profile picture
  2. Tap on the drop down menu under your username ( for android users only )
  3. Press on Money
  4. Tap on the Fund Withdrawal
  5. Press on Add New Withdrawal AccountAdd new withdrawal Method Iphone
  6. Tap on the Select Method button
    Select Method of Withdrawal Iphone
  7. Choose your preferred method
  8. Enter your information and press on the tickUAE Bank Deposit Withdrawal method Iphone
  9. Press on Withdraw NowSahara_ahmed-funds_withdrawal_western_union_accountIPHONE
  10. Enter the amount you would like to withdrawEnter Withdraw amountIPHONE

2) Melltoo Credit

If you used Melltoo Credit or the earnings from your Melltoo Wallet to purchase something, the funds will be immediately returned to your Melltoo account at the time of order cancellation.

Important Note: Only money from sales and returned payments can be withdrawn. Melltoo credit from promo codes cannot be withdrawn.

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How Do I Get a Refund on an Item I Purchased?
If you've just returned an item to a seller, read this simple guide and learn how you access your refund on Melltoo in not time.

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