Melltoo commission % and shipping fees

When selling an item on Melltoo, the *buyer* pays the ‘Buy It Now’ price , which includes delivery. There are no additional fees and charges.

As a *seller*, there are a few things to consider when pricing and selling your items. With the Melltoo BuyItNow Calculator, you can easily set prices, which include the cost of payment and delivery.

Exclusive Melltoo BuyItNow Calculator

Decide how much you would like to make

Calculate your final BuyItNow price easily with the Melltoo BuyItNow Calculator by inserting how much you would like to receive at the end of your transaction in the “You Get” box

Set the best price

For Example…

If you would like to receive 50AED at the end of your transaction, enter 50 in the You Get box in the Melltoo BuyItNow calculator and the number in the BuyItNow Price box will show how much you need to charge in order to get 50AED- after payment and shipment are deducted.

Important Note: you can always change your price later using the Melltoo BuyItNow Calculator,if you want to give your buyer more of a discount.

Don’t charge the buyer the commission

At Melltoo, we are dedicated to giving our users the best services for competitive prices, which is why we provide our sellers with a convenient payment method, pan-UAE delivery and exposure to a large buyer user base for a reasonable 8 – 12% commission.

So, although it might be tempting to make a buyer absorb the cost of your commission, don’t do it, because it’s unfair, you’ll lose credibility as a seller and you might lose a sale, all because you made your item unnecessarily expensive.



Melltoo commission and delivery rates

Commission (%) Cost of Item
12% Less than 1000 AED
10% 1000 – 2000 AED
8% More than 2000 AED


Weight (kg) Price of Shipping
0 – 5 kg 20 AED
5 – 10 kg 30 AED
0 – 10 kg (Bulk items e.g. strollers,

bicycles, small furniture etc)

40 AED per piece
Large Furniture Moving costs:

250 AED for first item

+ 50 AED for each additional item
Dismantling & Reassembly fee:

100 AED for each item

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How Do I Calculate the Price of My Item with Commission and Delivery?
Are you ready to sell something, but you're not sure how much to charge for it? Read this simple guide and learn how you can choose the best price for any item you sell on Melltoo!

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